War rape Essays

  • War Rape Literature Review

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    Psychosocial Consequences of War Rape for Individuals and Communities” International Journal of Psychological Studies; 2.2(2010): 14-25. This article a critical examination of existing literature on the nature and consequences of war rape through a socio-cultural and feminist lens has been presented. Rape that occurs in the context of war has distinct features, consequences, and implications for research and service providers. Historically the rape of women during war can be traced back to the eleventh

  • Analysis Of Claudia Card's Rape As A Weapon Of War

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    the hysteria and value the triumph and victory that war entails. War and combat, whose ideologies persist with the very fabric of time itself and with this persistence is the resurgence and modification of weaponry. To formulate our concepts of war, we associate our ideas with machine guns, gas masks, and bombs, however, looming in the shadows of our history are these silent agents of destruction: human trafficking, sterilization, and rape. Rape: “The crime of using force or the threat of force to

  • Essay On Women In Bangladesh 1971

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    where women were victims of sexual abuse, considered as war causalities to some and even blamed for being tortured and abuse by the Pakistani Armies. The victim ‘role’ that women were assigned at the end of the war focused solely on the sexual violence that took. At the end of the war of nine month estimates range that 2, 00,000-400,000 women were being raped and tortured brutally. Numerous women were tortured, raped and killed during the war. Imams and Muslim religious leaders publicly declared that

  • Essay On Rape In Wartime

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    Rape is sometimes difficult to be described but in simplest term of the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), defines rape as “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” The second aspect of war is rape which is considered as a mode of attack in societies such as in Africa as it invests particular values in the family and in women, making them the bearers of the patriarchal

  • Rape Culture In The Scarlet Letter

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    Roxane Gay once proclaimed, “Rape culture is a culture where we are inundated, in different ways, by the idea that male aggression and violence towards women is acceptable and often inevitable.” Imagine being attacked, stripped of your identity, and being forced into and blamed for actions you did not give consent to. This is considered normal for many women who experience the appalling act of sexual assault and its effects brought upon through the media’s depiction of rape culture. In The Scarlet Letter

  • Essay On Causes Of Sexual Violence In South Sudan

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    any woman they felt like they wanted among us. Ten soldiers chose me… They took me inside a small room where then they decided to rape me. They pulled off my clothes and the 10 of them raped me, twice each… Some of them wanted to rape me using objects but others advised them ‘We shouldn’t do that, let us just use our penises.’ They used both sides [vaginal and anal rape].’ Nyaguene There are so many causes of sexual violence in South Sudan, looking closely and clearly at the incidences where sexual

  • Effects Of Child Labour Essay

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    ABSTRACT Child labor exists because it is the best response people can find in insufferable circumstances. Child labor was employed to different extents through most of history. Neediness and child labor are mutually reinforcing: because their parents are poor, children must work and not go to school, then grow up poor. Child labor has two important special features: First, when financial markets are incomplete, the separation in time between the immediate benefits and long late costs of sending

  • The Storm Setting Analysis Essay

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    The Storm Setting Analysis The storm took place in a petty town in Louisiana in the late nineteenth century. It was the time when that place began to grow dark and began to rain heavily. The setting of the story resolves mostly in Calixta’s house. Calixta was left alone at home as her husband and her son came to the grocery store to buy foods. Alcee’, her ex-boyfriend came and ask for the rain shelter after a long time of her marriage with Bibinot. The storm represents for a good time that

  • Why Do Famous People Deserve Privacy

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    Although people decided to live the life famous, they should still receive some type of privacy like everyone else. All the paparazzi following famous people around can cause them to break, which is what the paparazzi wants. There is plenty of information to help prove how much they need their own space like everyone else. In my opinion, famous people and their children need privacy to help them stay sane and happy. There are many people all over the internet who are agreeing that famous people

  • History Of Feminism In India

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    Abstract: Feminism is a social movement that purposes the equal rights and opportunities for women in society. Feminism is to look towards women as human beings and to think about their problems, dreams and needs. Feminism is the belief that all people should be treated equally in legal economic and social areas – regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and other similar pre-dominant identifying traits. Feminism is a socio-political movement which advocates involved active participation

  • Dark Romanticism In Literature

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    Romanticism is a common genre in literature and art were Americans express their view on the American society view things in the world. A sub genre is dark romanticism which focus on more on the dark and deep side of humanity. Many these dark romanticism literature has symbols that represent the story as whole of the theme or moral of the story which can person, an object, or thing. These three stories that came from a genre of dark romanticism that represent thought a symbol. The Pit and The Pendulum

  • Girl Rising Film Analysis

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    he idea and message of the documentary ‘Girl Rising’ is very simple and yet very visionary. The aim of this documentary is to highlight the struggle of girls in the developing world by taking real life stories of nine different girls from different parts of the developing nations and reenacting their actual incidents to highlight the aspects of their plight. The aspects include sexual abuse, poverty, child labor, child marriage, bias education system and so on. These girls suffer everyday for education

  • Argumentative Essay On Sex

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    According to Marilyn Monroe, “We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” People now a day do not know the true and important meaning of sex. They see sex only as a pleasure. They do not know the difference between sex with love and without love for many people sex is sex. They interpret sex as the most fun you can do without laughing. We individuals should know the different consequences before doing sex. Based on the article

  • Analysis Of Rebecca Solnit's Essay 'The Longest War'

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    question is a comic series called “Archie”. Although, not the entire series itself, but rather a specific piece, which states that all women are failures, otherwise they would have been men. With supporting evidence from Rebecca Solnit’s “The Longest War” which goes in depth about the unfair and unjust inequalities and brutality women face as being treated as a minority gender in the world of men. (Solnit 527) The message of this artifact is implying that women are incapable of success. Thus, perpetuating

  • The Four Types Of Genocidal Rape

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    a response to the systemic, widespread and massive rape campaign carried out against Bosnian Muslims and Croat women and girls during the 1992 to 1995 Bosnian War, the 1993 United Nations Security Council Resolution 827 (UN Security Council, 1993), as a preamble to the establishment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), contains the first ever documented UN reference to rape committed during armed conflict or rape as a violation of international humanitarian law (Schott

  • Aggression In Military

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    Sexual aggression/violence is a topic that isn’t discussed enough considering the risk factors at hand when joining the military and/or being in a war zone. My six articles directly relate to my question including topics that range anywhere from civilians in the East Congo being affected by war to domestic violence among individuals who are either veterans or are active duty personnel. Is sexual aggression/violence more prevalent in military personnel than the average population in the region

  • Kunan Poshpora Rape Case Study

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    Chapter 3 Kunan-Poshpora Rape Case and its reportage The village of Kunan Pushpora is remembered as the ‘village of raped women’. On 23 February, 1991, a cordon-and-search operation was conducted by soldiers of the 4th Rajpiutana Rifles in the Kunan-Poshpora village in Kupwara during which all men of the village were gathered at one place while the women and children were left alone at home. After some time, cries for help from the village began to come but the men could not move as they were guarded

  • Gender Violence Cause And Effect Essay

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    *Bechan Singh & **Kamini Singhal Abstract The term “gender violence” includes all types of violence against women, men, adolescents, children, gay and transgender people. Gender is the powerful predictor of sexual assault, rape and relationship violence. This type of violence is influenced by gender relations. To address this violence, we have to consider the causes which have impact on gender violence. These incidents of violence are predominantly against women and often

  • Legalize Prostitution

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    a spin-off of local crimes related to the work. Theses secondary crimes are often a result of people who “flaunt disregard to the law” (Brents and Hausbeck 274) while the attention is being focused on prostitution. These crimes can span from rape, to the war on drugs, and also domestic violence. These crimes can affect the sex worker in different ways. For example if a pimp wants to take advantage of a prostitute he can easily put her under the influence of drugs and which may lead to her being raped

  • Gender Bias In Sexual Violence

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    Gender Bias in Sexual Offences Sexual violence occurs in times of peace and of war. It is not limited to any particular setting. It takes place within committed relationships and between strangers alike. In fact, it can occur between people of any gender and sexuality, even though there is no universal consensus on this aspect. However, the academic community is unanimous in its conclusion that sexual violence is usually about dominance and control rather than some form of sexual gratification.