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  • Washington Redskins Name Controversy

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    “Our true nationality is mankind.” (HG Wells) The Washington Redskins are a football team. Their name is controversial because some people believe that it’s racist towards Native Americans, while others believe that the name should be left alone. Although it’s true that about 20% of Native Americans find the name racist, the other 80% of Native Americans don’t think it’s racist at all. The most powerful argument to protect the Redskins name is because most Native Americans are proud to be named

  • Pros And Cons Of Washington Redskins

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    have to hear people cheer for the “Redskins”, a word originally used when encouraging people to bring in Indians scalps for a reward, it only cuts the wound deeper. However in a country where the white majority has never had to deal with persecution on this level find it hard to relate to the Native American

  • Goodbye To Racial Mascots Research Paper

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    Goodbye to Racial Mascots: California Bans the Use of “Redskins” in Public Schools Oct. 11 marks the victory of a statewide movement to prevent a racial slur from public use. On that day, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the ban on using “Redskins” as team names or mascots in public schools. The bill was well received by the majority, and many expected that this would set a good example for other states and the next generation. Without a doubt, the term in question — referring to

  • Native American Mascot Controversy Essay

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    an impact on number of wins nor loses. The choice of a Native American mascot continues to initiate debate and controversy among fans, alumni, and athletes today. More specifically, the debate over the controversy surround the Washington Redskin football team. The Redskins have come under very intense pressure in recent months to change their name, which many Native American leaders have denounced as a racial slur. So, why all the controversy?  The argument to whether Native American mascots

  • Washington Post Survey

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    controversy. As it was stated on this article, the Washington Post last week published the outcome of a survey of 504 Native Americans ( also called American Indians ) in regards to what is their reaction about the name of Washington’s National Football League team, the Redskins. Furthermore, Brown had written a column in 2005 and 2013 arguing that the team should consider changing their name, he also talked about the history of of the name, the redskins were

  • How To Dehumanize Native Americans

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    harmony with all of nature. Instead we stuck them on reservations full of poverty, alcoholics, where they are trying to save their culture but also keep their culture, with little help from the government. This is why it is such a huge deal to see the Redskins as a football team mascot, mocking and dehumanizing these Indians who have already had enough. This is the type of thing we are going to look back on and feel bad, like how we look back on black country and feel bad and realize our mistakes about

  • Bo Jackson Hero Essay

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    Despite Bo Jackson having a shortened pro sports career due to a dislocated hip and replacement surgery, his natural ability to compete and accomplish unbelievable feats categorized himself as an epic hero. Participating in sports such as baseball and football helped reveal great acts of courage and strength, making him nationally known and respected. His athletic campaign started with a humble beginning, growing up in a small town in Alabama, with channeling his anger into athletics. Although Bo

  • The National Football Team: The Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers are a specialized football team in America Charlotte, North Carolina, who play in the National Football Conference (NFC) South division of the National Football League (NFL). The club is value just about 1.58 billion$, according to Forbes and is controlled by creator Jerry Richardson and his family, who have a 48.1 percent stake; the remnants of the team is detained by a group of 14 limited associates. The team leader is Danny Morrison, and the chief coach is Ron Rivera. The

  • Example Of A Commemorative Speech

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    Now I am going to tell you about Charles Haley he was the first man ever to get five super bowl rings on one hand.I am going to tell you about his early life while he was in college. Then I am going to tell you about his career and how his five super bowels rings. Last I am going to tell you about his retirement now I am going to talk about his early life playing in college. Haley was a starter for the James Madison Dukes. During his entire college career 1982-1985. He was two-time all American

  • Y. A. Tittle History

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    The phrase, the Golden Age of pro football, is somewhat inaccurate. It should have been called the Golden Age of Offense. Especially gilded in the 1950s were quarterbacks with big arms, gutty leaders, field generals who take-charge in the huddle. They called their own games, and generally speaking, drove a team to victory or loss with the strength of their arms. Y. A. Tittle was one of them. It 's been said he was one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. The San Francisco signal-caller

  • Jerry Jones Research Paper

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    Is Jerry Jones the best General Manager in the NFL???? “Jerry the Owner needs to fire Jerry the General Manager”. If you follow the Dallas Cowboys no doubt you’ve heard that a time or two. I myself have probably said something similar or worse at one point in time. Undoubtedly the subject of Jerry Jones the General Manager is somewhat clouded by the revisionist history most Cowboys fans use when talking about Jimmy Johnson. Then the old “the only reason Jerry ever won a Super Bowl was because

  • Ethnicity In The Lion King

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    Upon the release of The Lion King, the African continent was uncharted territory for Disney and many had differing opinions about the way in which ethnicity is addressed within the film. In this essay, the reviews from Steve Twomey for The Washington Post and Edward Rothstein for The New York Times are contrasting opinions about the film and are compared to Carolyn Newburger’s infamous review for The Boston Globe. Though Newberger’s claims have been labelled as hyperbolic in their critique of the

  • Peyton Manning Biography

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    Peyton Manning has just recently announced his retirement from the NFL. Everyone is sad to see this football star go, and we saw it fit to honor his leave with a ranking of his best achievements. In honor of this great footballer’s career, we have finally come to present you with his top six career highlights! Number Six: Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl XLI During the star player’s ninth season on the field, he made a record Super Bowl win against South Florida. With a swift, 53-yard touchdown

  • Blue Devils Case Study

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    This season, Duke head coach David Cutcliffe’s squad has relied heavily on the dual threat ability of quarterback Thomas Sirk, as well as the legs of running back Shaquille Powell. The battle tested Blue Devils have had several close finishes this season, including a quadruple overtime 45-43 victory over Virginia Tech and a controversial 30-27 loss to the Miami Hurricanes that ended with an eight-lateral walk-off touchdown as time expired. Duke’s offensive talent should be enough to earn a victory

  • Demaryius Thomas: A True NFL Hero

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    Demaryius Thomas lost his mom and grandma to drug dealing and fought through it, and made it to the NFL. He was drafted by the Denver Broncos. While growing up he stayed with lots of other people. Demaryius Thomas demonstrated strength by overcoming his rough childhood and going to the NFL and becoming a great athlete. Demaryius Thomas was born on Christmas, 1967. His parents are Bobby Thomas and Karina Smith, She was 15 when she had Demaryius and they were not married but took custody of him together

  • Dallas Cowboys Research Paper

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    Dallas Cowboys Flashback Week 7: Seven Memorable Games Against the New York Giants The first meeting between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants was December 4th, 1960. This game ended as a 31-31 tie and was one of 107 meetings between these two teams. Despite a slow start in the rivalry for the Dallas Cowboys they have had a lot of success after the early 1960's. Dallas leads the series 62-43-2 with the largest victory of 52-7 in 1966. With the win in week one of the 2015 season, Dallas

  • Terrell Owens Character Traits

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    Terrell Owens-The Machine in The Field Terrell Owens is inarguably one of the most controversial figures off the field in the history of NFL. Born in 1973, the six-time Pro Bowl selection has played for Seattle Seahawks for the better part of his career. He is a talented player and is highly respected for his abilities in the field. Owens holds and shares several NFL records and whenever he is in the field the NFL betting odds cannot be stacked against him. Hall of Fame Plight Earlier this year

  • Chicago Bear History

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    The Bears, one of the greatest football teams of all time, well, at one point. The Chicago Bears are a professional American football team in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). They have been around since 1920, that’s when the NFL was created. The Bears have won nine NFL Championships and one Super Bowl and hold the NFL record the most retired jersey numbers. The Bears have also recorded more regular

  • Green Bay Packers: Super Bowl Favourites

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    The Green Bay Packers are actually the Super Bowl favorites, and they are likely to have an opportunity to really take a big step once again towards their ultimate goals if they undertake a Kansas City Chiefs outfit which has to be disappointed after losing a casino game which Shpuld have been won the other day against Denver at home. Aaron Rodgers hasn 't been fantastic this season. Most of us expected to view a tiny fall off this year with Jordy Nelson missing the season with a torn ACL, but

  • Comparison: The Panthers And The Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers got blasted from every direction in 2014, with injuries and personal mishaps and personnel blunders. Yet, Carolina was able to take advantage of a weak NFC South and make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-8-1. It’s hard to imagine anything going much worse in 2015 so the Panthers are likely to reward ticket holders with a division title and another shot in the postseason. Cam Newton is still the face of the franchise though he hasn’t proven himself to be a top tier NFL