Watercolor painting Essays

  • How Did John Locke Influence The Declaration Of Independence

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    John Locke was a philosopher, and political scientist. He believed democracy was a considerably better form of government than a monarchy. Thomas Jefferson was the third U.S. president, and was one of America’s founding fathers. He was the author of the Declaration of Independence, and played a key role in the institution of the United States of America. John Locke was a very influential person when it came to Thomas Jefferson and the ideas within the Declaration of Independence. One of the biggest

  • Meeting The Three Graces Analysis

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    Meeting (The Three Graces) is an oil on canvas painting created by Manierre Dawson in 1912. Cubistic in style, the subjects of his painting are three women from Greek mythology commonly known as the three graces. The women were daughters of Zeus who represented traits such as youthfulness, elegance, and beauty. There have been many artworks depicting the three graces, but Manierre Dawson’s stands out from the rest. Dawson’s painting is different from traditional portrayals of the graces because of

  • Dia De Muerto All Saint's Day Analysis

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    The subject matter of this work of art is representational to Dia de Muertos(Day of the Dead), or All Soul's and All Saint’s Day . The art is an acrylic painting of a woman that has paint on her face in celebration of the Mexican holiday that commemorates life and honors the deceased. It was painted with acrylic paint on a canvas that is approximately 20 inches wide by 30 inches in length. The first thing you sense when you see the artwork is the buoyant colors of happiness but the contradicting

  • Art Journal Cover Narrative

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    Putting together the art journal cover, for me, was a great learning experience. I titled my cover, “Full Metal,” because I made it mostly out of metal. I adhered a piece of cardboard onto the cover first to provide the stiffness and thickness I was trying to achieve. I then decided to include wooden puzzle pieces under the tinfoil to represent the different pieces in my life that have made me who I am today. I connected some of the pieces together, and then intentionally left gaps in the puzzle

  • Frederick Clegg In The Collector

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    ohn Fowles’ The Collector is a book that stands out for various reasons. Not only it depicts two characters diametrically different from one another, but it describes them with such depth and inner scrutiny that it makes it hard to believe only one author has created those opposing protagonists. Another thing standing out in The Collector is the character of Frederick Clegg and the personal mystery hidden in within him, as there is a big degree of difference in between Clegg and a person that would

  • Jackson Pollock And John Cage: An American Odd Couple Analysis

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    York that displays many paintings, drawings, sketches, and objects that he made. John Cage was a famous artist and a composer. In his exhibition it has many watercolor paintings and some of his famous musical works and also photographs and videos of him and other things. They were both very opposite of one another, Jackson Pollock thought very deeply about his works and tried to make then mirror his inner ego, whereas John Cage tried not to think to deeply about his paintings, but rather withdraw from

  • Frankenthaler's Mountains And Sea

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    As this painting is non-objective, there is not much indication as to what the composition depicts. The only indication of its contents is the painting’s title. The dominant elements are the sprawls of color across the canvas. The painting in done in pale colors. The color palette is limited, mostly using only pinks, blues and greens. This painting is massive. The dimensions of the finished canvas clock in over nine and a half feet wide and just over seven feet tall. Within this painting there is

  • East Asian Art Analysis

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    Art 281 East Asian Art & Architecture Essay The exhibition I chose to use for my analysis is the Smithsonian Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery on Chinese Arts of the Brush. This exhibit displayed the creation on the Chinese brush painting and how it is unique among other styles during the time period and in modern times is more refined in the artistic form. Chinese brushes comparison to other brushes the versatility of the brush used from arts and calligraphy to the carefully picked

  • Snows Here Too Painting Analysis

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    1. Description: This work is known in the world of art as a painting. This painting was created someone named Chany. The artist named the painting Snows Here, Too and he painted this piece of art using watercolors. The painting shows a landscape of some sort of forest or the woods where the pine trees are covered in white snow. The painting is medium size and the price value is 800 dollars. 2. Formal Analysis: This piece shows the viewer the balance of the trees in the background. The artist

  • Edward Hopper Research Paper

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    given a chance to work with many mediums such as oil, charcoal, and watercolor. As Hopper became even more passionate about art, he decided to go to The New York School of Art and Design, where an impressionist painter named Robert Henri inspired him. Through his time studying with Henri, he learned to “paint the everyday conditions of their own world in a realistic manner” (Murphy). Hopper learned that art was not all about painting exactly what is seen, but interpreting it, and changing aspects about

  • Vietnamese Oil Painting Analysis

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    assignment theme is based on Vietnamese oil painting. I have found out that oil painting is not originated from Vietnam, but Vietnamese artist through times have develop oil panting skills and techniques to a different stage. Therefore my intension is to thoroughly analyse the painting processes and techniques of Vietnamese oil painting during the period of war to the development of the Socialist republic of Vietnam (1960-1976) and I will compare two painting from this period with two contemporary works

  • Under Lick Pier Analysis

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    of Art in Bakersfield California, Edwar Reep painted the Under Lick Pier in the 1950s. The painting was made with watercolor on paper. 29 ¾ x 22 ½ inches. According the artist, the Under Lick Pier documents the great Ocean Park district in Santa Monica, California, where Lick Pier and the Aragon Ballroom hosted the named bands and people gathered to dance during the late 1940s through the 1950s. The painting illustrates an old man seated on a bench outside a public space. The man is holding a newspaper

  • Architectural Style In Early America

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    From the arrival of the first settlers to current day, the American architecture has been heavily influenced by European models. Settlers incorporated architectural styles from their native country to design their own style of architecture. The diversity of early American settlers caused many variations of the style. They made use of the materials available in addition to architectural features suited to their individual climates. Georgian is the most common type of architectural style in early America

  • Nina Irwin-Visual Artist

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    Nina Irwin is a Kansas City artist, globally known for her watercolor landscapes and ceramic pieces. She has had many shows across the country, and several overseas as well. Originally hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Irwin’s family moved to Kansas City when she was six. As the child of two successful artists, she was surrounded by art throughout her childhood, but did not pursue it as a career until her mid-twenties. She attended college for a variety of disciplines, including archeology, anthropology

  • Paul Klee The Twittering Machine

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    The Twittering Machine was one of Paul Klee’s artworks. This painting has a multiplicity of meanings. Like his other works he blends in biology and machinery. His design, pattern, color and miniature sign system reflect art onto that which is a philosophical principle. He broke traditional or academic rules of oils on canvas. The Twittering Machine is an Oil, Drawing, watercolor and ink on paper. Its dimensions are 25 ¼ x 19”. It was created in 1922, by Paul Klee. It is at the Museum of Modern Art

  • Comparing Henri Matisse's Woman With A Hat

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    have chosen two paintings to compare and contrast. One painting is by Diego Rivera which is called “Man, Controller of the Universe” and the other one is by Henri Matisse, which is called “Woman with a Hat”. I choose these two painting because the one by Diego caught my eye by how busy and creative it was; and the artwork by Henri caught my attention because of how the colors were and how they were mixed to make another colors. To start with, both of the artworks may be paintings, but they are painted

  • How Did Vincent Van Gogh Grow Up

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    pictures using pencils or charcoal sticks. He also in fact used watercolors. Van Gogh really enjoyed drawing pictures of poor hardworking people. Eventually he started developing the skill of using oil

  • Paul Signac Essay

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    architect. Signac decided to become a painter after he paid a visit to Monet’s art gallery. When Signac decided to become a painter, he sailed around the coast of Europe and painted all of the landscapes he encountered. He also painted a series of watercolor cities in France in his later years. When Paul Signac was 21 years old, he met Claude Monet and George Seurat. He was amazed by Seurat’s work, his style, and the way he used various amounts of colors. Paul then became Seurat’s most faithful supporter

  • Theodore Earl Butler Essay

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    Theodore Earl Butler (1861-1936) was best known for his work during the American Impressionism movement. He was famous for his paintings, specifically watercolor. In 1861, Butler was born in Columbus, Ohio, where his father was a wealthy businessman. But unlike his father, Butler was not interested in a business career. After graduating from Marietta College in 1882, he moved to New York to study at the Art Students League from 1884 to 1886. Later, he moved to Paris to study at the Académie Julian

  • Marc Chagall: A Modern Artist

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    lies in his steady faith in power in figurative art, one that he maintained despite absorbing ideas from many different avant-garde movements. He is a prime example of a modern artist who mastered multiple media including oil painting, gouache painting, murals, watercolors, etching, ceramics, theater, drawing, stained-glass work and costume design. Marc Chagall was born on July, 7, 1887 to Feige-Ite and Khatskl Shagal in Liozna, near Vitebsk, in Russian Empire, today Belarus. He was raised