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  • Quality Of Work Life: The Quality Of Work

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    The quality of Work is a level of satisfaction and comfort which a person can gain while working for a company. Good firms always try to provide security, comfort, pride and ownership to their workers because it enhances the quality of work. It is a self-satisfaction which a worker gains due to supportive behavior, open communication and sense of ownership from his employer. We can define Quality of Work Life as a life of workers, their personal life. How they think about different things and how

  • Work Is Meaningful

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    Are all kinds of work meaningful? Humans work every day. From cleaning their homes to attending official meetings, it seems that work is inseparable from our daily lives. According to the MOW project, the top 3 definitions of work are “something you do to get paid”, “a task”, and “something that adds value” . Work means differently among people , it may be simply as a paid employment or it may be the act of spending efforts for achieving a goal. You may wonder if all kinds of work are meaningful.

  • Work-Family Reflection

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    In this study a model of work –family interface had been created and tested. A sample of 372 employees was taken from a service oriented financial company who are parents or married were considered for the study. The model proposed was tested using structural equation modeling and found to be supportive. In this study work-family interface was considered as a bidirectional study giving importance to the influence of work on family life and family life on work. This study was an extension of the model

  • The Importance Of Hard Work

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    Profound research displays that hard work does pay off. Working hard will benefit you immensely by improving your talent and your education as well. Although some may argue that innate talent is more important than hard work, they do not understand that even if there is talent in a person, without working, they will never get better; therefore, never truly succeed. The ongoing argument whether talent or hard work is more important has gone for too long, hard work is essential for all, think of a time

  • Importance Of Work Culture

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    Performance of arrangements is never an issue in organisations where individuals take after a set culture. The new students likewise attempt their level best to comprehend the work culture and improve the organisation a work environment. • The work culture advances sound relationship amongst the students. Nobody regards work as a weight and shape himself as per the culture. • It is the organisation's culture which removes the best out of every colleague. In a culture where administration is extremely

  • Causes Of Fear Of Work

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    without money, you can’t do much. Not just this, when you work, you contribute to make stronger the economy and community also, you are being a productive citizen and a valued community member. Besides, the source of income, work is a mean of professional development, socialization and satisfaction. While working, you learn new things, develop new skills and when you want to get a new job, your experiences will help you a lot. However, work can also cause suffering when the person is positioned from fear

  • Work Motivation Analysis

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    Statement of the Problem Of major concern to the agency are the findings of a quarterly report conducted by the Human Resources Department which indicated that a large number of employees have been reporting for work late, that a high rate of absenteeism has been detected and that there is a relatively high turnover rate. The researcher’s informal discussions with some of the employees revealed that they were dissatisfied with the attitude of some managers. They also expressed concerns about the

  • Disadvantages Of Flexible Work

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    employee will look for is does the job they want to apply offers flexibility especially in terms of work schedule. This is because many employee already have other demanding commitments and the recent changes in the nature of work, along with the introduction of new technologies (cell phones, email and other means of electronic communication) have led to many employees struggling to balance roles in their work and personal lives (Hayman, 2009; Hobsor, Delunas & Kelsic, 2001). Therefore, employees hope to

  • Work And Family Relationship

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    Consequences of Conflict between Work and Family among Primary School Female Teachers in Chennai City ABSTRACT If you want to bring an end to long-standing conflict, you have to be prepared to compromise. - Aung San Suu Kyi The aim of this research was to explore relations between work family conflict and satisfaction, including job satisfaction, family satisfaction, and life satisfaction

  • Examples Of Flexible Work

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    the solution for this problem, flexible work schedules. Flexible is capable bending easily without breaking and able to be easily modified to respond to altered circumstances and according to Chestnut Hill, 2009 flexible work schedules are those that vary from the standard work schedules of an organisation for example a worker must work 40 hours per week and be present on a daily basis during core hours. According to Hernreich, 2008 flextime has made our work force more efficient and more focused while

  • Positive Attitude At Work

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    situations in which the work environment becomes heavy or a new boss prints a level of demand that leads to stress. Also, of course, there are times when activity becomes routine and we count the minutes to complete each task. The positive attitude at work refers to an optimistic and enthusiastic attitude directed not only to our work activity but also to all the people involved in it. Cultivating that attitude helps a lot because it contributes in a decisive way to make your work pleasant for you. Likewise

  • Essay On Work Boots

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    Work Boots are an essential part of the day of a working man. Work boots for men come in all forms and sizes. Some are specialized for individual work, while others work boots are versatile enough to double since casual wear. Whatever the situation, a great pair of shoes must be at work, but also pleasant for the feet.Tip and Trick: How to Choose the Right Work Boots?Choosing the right start Construction workers, for example, increased need of the feet to prevent punctures, lacerations or broken

  • Reflection On Work Conflict

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    A conflict I have experienced a few months ago would be a work conflict between my boss and I. During the latent stage, I worked as an assistant to the director of a film company, however, this was no formal office work, and all the work was being done in the director’s home and sometimes via internet. On my first day, everything went well, we did a lot of work, we connected, I enjoyed getting the work done and my boss was impressed by the amount of knowledge and experience I had in the field without

  • External Work Stress

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    Abstract: This study examined the relationship of work stress with psychological or mental collapse which lead to aggressive behavior .The study included one major hypotheses dealing with internal work stress, external work stress as well as personal and organizational variables and its impact on generating aggressiveness . The study sample was the employees of United Arab Emirates University and other organizations. The purposive sampling was used. The study sample consisted of (100) questionnaire

  • Essay On Distractions At Work

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    Distractions at work, whether they’re related to your job or stem from personal matters, can affect your focus, motivation and productivity. You may even make mistakes when you’re distracted and jeopardize your job. Handle distractions and get back to work with several tips. Identify and Combat Your Most Common Distractions Do any of these common distractions sound familiar? On the way to your desk in the morning, you stop in the break room for a cup of coffee and end up talking to co-workers

  • Strengths And Values In Work

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    change and improvements allows me to complete work assignments in a more efficient manner while offering additional benefits to my supervisors, co-workers and clients. I am able to adapt to the personality and work habits of co-workers and supervisors. Each person possesses their own set of strengths and adapting personal behaviours to accommodate others is part of what it takes to work effectively as a team. New strategies, ideas, priorities, and work habits can foster a belief among workers that

  • Importance Of Group Work

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    Do you cringe when a teacher or boss says "Group project!"? Typically working in a group setting is tasks that people either really enjoy or completely despise. Group work is hard, a person is depending on another person to do his or her part, and sometimes one cannot really depend on another person. The key to good group work is communication; being able to communicate effectively is a life skill that will propel a person 's success. Whether in a group setting or working one-on-one with an individual

  • Stress And Work Life Balance

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    Stress and Work Life Balance Stress is a situation in which there is physical and emotional reaction to changes, or challenges. We may experience stress when our body responds or reacts physically, mentally and emotionally to any change or stimulus that requires adjustment. Imbalance between demands of job on one hand, and resources and capabilities owned by employees to meet those demands on the other hand results in work-related stress (Stress at Work, nd). In support of this Information Sheet

  • Psychological Effect Of Working Work

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    AMONG I.T PROFESSIONAL BASIC INTRODUCTION: My research topic helps me to find out the stress level among it professional due to long working durations is inversely proportional to the quality of work which means the longer the duration the less would be the quality of work. • The sample which have an included in my study consist of IT professionals under the age group of 28 to 35(late adulthood). The reason behind choosing such a sample is this age group is exposed to economic, social

  • Importance Of Work Life Balance

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    The two important domains for every employee are work and family (Clark and Blates, 2011), and equally so for working Indian men and women. Organisations have started offering work-life balance programs to retain employees, well being of employees and to provide a sense of job satisfaction. A definition given by Clark (2000), on work-life balance defines it as “satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home, with minimum role conflict.” It is necessary to avoid significant role conflict to