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    In Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction, just published this last fall, Ymitri Mathison presents a collection of ten essays by writers discussing Asian American young adult(YA) novels focused on different Asian American subgroupings and how those novels address issues particular to each subgroup. In her introductory essay, Mathison describes the specific context in which Asian American children and YA literature has developed and how that literature goes beyond the “model minority” stereotype

  • Young Adult Novels In Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere

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    Young adult novels show different tales featuring multiple adolescent characters, going through different conflicts and issues. The young adult novels tend to follow a similar format in which they deal with different themes and conflicts that arise. Young adult novels typically involve a main character, of adolescent age and either gender, along with a multitude of races, who goes through some complexity that eventually leads to them finding their way or identity. The adolescent has to go through

  • Lorraine In The Pigman

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    In the novel, The Pigman, written by Paul Zindel, two students named John and Lorraine meet on the bus and become best friends. John is a more rebellious student who tends to act in an infantile way at times. He is known as the “bathroom bomber,” because he always sets off bombs in the school bathrooms. Sometimes, John can be seen as an ingrate, when he takes his healthy body for granted by constantly smoking and drinking putrid beer. Lorraine, on the other hand, is not very outgoing or self-confident

  • Flipped Movie Analysis

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    adapted from a young adult novel entitled Flipped. The novel is written by Wendelin Van Draneen; the Sammy Keyes serial writer, which was published in 1st October, 2001. This movie is directed by Rob Reiner and has comedy drama romance genre, also has 1 hour and 30 minutes length. It is made in earlier 2010 with the 1960 setting. Flipped was released in theatres on 10th September, 2010 and got 1 win; Best Performance in a Feature Film – Supporting Young Actress (Stefanie Scott) in Young Artist Award

  • Loyalty In The Maze Runner

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    learn from it.This quote speaks of loyalty trust and kindness. These traits make up great people. people like Thomas from the maze runner and Jack Will from wonder. Thomas from the maze runner, by James Dashner, gets taken by scientists when he is young and gets placed in the maze. At this time he gets his memory wiped and has to figure out how to survive. Throughout the story he gains and loses friends and shows loyalty,kindness,and intelligence. In wonder ,by R.J. Palacio,Jack will has a new kid

  • Symbolism In Junot Diaz's 'Fiesta 1980'

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    “Fiesta 1980” father and son. Junot Diaz story “Fiesta 1980” is a story about an immigrant family that came to the US in the hunt for better opportunities. The story includes a myriad number of culturalisms to show that Yunior’s family is still new and that they still conserve their traditions. Nevertheless, Yunior’s family is not so different from many other Hispanic families in the US; a great amount of Hispanics families can be represented by “Fiesta 1980”. The story reveals a conflicted family

  • R. M. Ballantyne's The Coral Island

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    man’s heart, only it needs to be recognized to weaken its grip. The devil is not present in any traditional or religious sense. Golding’s Beelzebub is the modern equivalent of the anarchical, amoral driving force that Freudians call the ‘Id.’ The novel suggests that institutions and order imposed from without are only temporary, but that man’s irrationality and his urge to be primitive and to destroy is enduring. Civilization is only a mask. Keywords: evil, human nature, civilization,

  • The Perks Of Being A Wallflower And The Spectacular Now

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    featured in young adult literature.” As themes such as drugs, alcohol, and relationships are a common part of teenage life, it is only natural that teens would want to read about people like them who are going through similar situations. These themes and ideas are prevalent in a specific genre of literature – young adult novels. Young adult novels often chronicle the lives of young people and the issues that they encounter, reflecting the same situations and sentiments that young-adult readers experience

  • Essay On Dystopian Literature

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    for so many years, they just appeal to the teenage mind. The main question is why does dystopian literature appeal so much to the young adults, what is making dystopian literature so entertaining? Teenagers feel like they can relate or think, what if this was to really happen? The authors Ayn Rand and Veronica Roth promote individualism and selfless acts in the novels they wrote, but sometimes that is not always the best thing. After all these years, reading and writing dystopian literature is still

  • Match And Anthem Literary Analysis

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    going through the same thing the characters do. young adults like books that appeal to their life and what's going on in it. Readers like novels that they can relate to. Dystopian books fulfill the readers thirst for an escape from their reality

  • Catcher In The Rye

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    growing up scares a number of teens, as they are aware their innocence will soon flee them as it once shielded them. The perspective of the world changes from child to adult, which encourages kids to try to save their own purity. Holden Caulfield, a character who struggles with his ability to traverse from an innocent child into a mature adult in The Catcher in the Rye, is created to show the desire many have to try and prevent the loss of their own innocence. This is shown through Holden’s rebellion against

  • Summary: The Secret Life Of Maeve Lee Kwong

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    conveyed in the novel through a range of language techniques. In the first chapter of the novel, we discover that the girls participate in a sleepover where a seance takes place, which raises the issues of friendship, curiosity and the opposite gender, which are synonymous with teenage life. Although, the three girls also explore spirituality through the use of the Ouija board: many teenagers often question religion and theology. This is shown in the quotations from the novel: “Tim lost it on

  • Adolescentism In Catcher In The Rye

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    is a 1951 novel by J. D. Salinger. An uncertain novel initially distributed for grown-ups, it has since gotten to be prominent with pre-adult perusers for its topics of adolescent anxiety and estrangement. It has been deciphered into very nearly the majority of the world 's significant dialects. Around 250,000 duplicates are sold every year with aggregate offers of more than 65 million books. The novel 's hero Holden Caulfield has turned into a symbol for adolescent defiance. The novel additionally

  • Five Paragraph Outline: My Relationship With Writing

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    Five Paragraph Outline My Relationship With Writing Paragraph One: (Introduction) The relationship I have with writing is very similar to the mentality of an adolescent. For the most part, full of life and extremely eager to become adults without knowing the accountabilities of being as such. It is also like being anxious to explore leisurely but not mature enough to face the harsh realities of indulging adulthood. With writing, I seem to be like so...full of zeal and will to get with the learning

  • Freud And Erikson Similarities

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    Introduction This essay is based on the comparison of psychosexual theories of Sigmund Freud and psychosocial theory of Erik Erikson. In this essay, similarities and the differences between these two theories are explained and outlined. The two famous theories of development are Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory and Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory. Sigmund Freud's psychosexual theory and Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory are two important theories on human growth

  • The Time Traveler's Wife Analysis

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    Wife is one that stands out against them all. It is a love that lasts through age, time, and above all, it is a love that is different to every other one. The Time Traveler's Wife, is the story of the relationship between the two protagonists in the novel, Clare, an art student and Henry, a librarian. Henry and Clare’s love overpowers the traditional relationship between two people. Even though Henry is traveling through time they try and make their love work and are successful. Through thoughts, past

  • Analysis Of Young Adolescents: Wonder By Palacio

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    Young adolescents in the teen years face many issues, in the novel Wonder by the author Palacio many of theses issues are portrayed. As young adolescents you face many issues either good or bad. Three of the more recurring issues are change in friendships being either good or bad as they grow up,their appearance and getting judged on your looks and not personality, and being bullied or being the bully. Our novel is set in a typical American school called Beecher Prep. In the novel, our protagonist

  • Similarities And Differences Of The Teenagers In The 50's

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    similarities and differences between the teenagers of the 1950’s and the 21 century. During the 50’s middle class youths were given opportunities that the generations before them hadn’t had. During this time money seemed to go further, and so both adults and kids had more spending money than ever before. People not only had more economic freedom, but they also had more free time to spend on frivolous interests. This included their music. Perhaps because they had more time to spend thinking on things

  • Safe Driving Persuasive Speech

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    have them unexpectedly taken away from your life the next, is something no one wants to imagine, but it happens every day. Not responding to someone for a moment is better than never being able to see that person in less than a blink. As these young adults are preparing to place their hands on the wheel others in communities need to put their fingers on the pulses teenagers face in their lives. Tempting distractions evidently need to be eliminated because it can be dangerous for the drivers attention

  • Factors Affecting Adolescent Sexual Behavior

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    Firstly, what is the definition of adolescent? Adolescent describes the teenage years between 13 to 19 years of age. It can also be known as the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood, though its physical, psychological and cultural expressions may begin prior and end at a later stage . Since at the age of three and by the time children reach their adolescent stage, they would have known about their sexual identities whether they are male or female. Adolescent is also “a time of identity