• Compare And Contrast The Federalist And The Anti-Federalists

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In December of 1787, the first state had ratified the Constitution. Causing not only the adoption of the Constitution, but also the division of the people in states into two separate groups; the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists. The Federalists being the ones who supported the Constitution and the Anti-Federalists who did not support the Constitution. Although there were those who did not approve of the Constitution, today, the document is the entire framework for our government and our laws. The Federalists, those who supported a "federal" system of state governments guided by a strong national government. With the help of George Washington and James Madison, the Federalists planned out a union that promoted a successful mixed economy made up of agriculture, manufacturing, strong central banking system, and more. This group becoming one of which that helped create the two-party political system. Although …show more content…

This group wasn't as organized as the Federalists, but they did, however, have a clear reason as to why they opposed it. This group thought that the Constitution would bring them all back to life under Great Britain, they wanted the power to be within the local and state governments. Stating that the three branches of government threatened their traditional belief in preventing government power. One leader and avid opposer of the Constitution was the Governor of New York at the time, George Clinton, and New York being a powerful state, he didn't want the government to have any of that power because of the document. The group also disliked the electoral system that would alway favor the elite leaders and not the common people. Although this group had valid reasons as to why they did not favor the Constitution, they had to alternative to the document. The Anti-Federalists preferred to be governed under the Articles of Confederation and let the states control their own

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