1.1 Explain How To Monitor And Supporting Children's Learning And Development Analysis

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It’s important to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of an area, in addition not just setting up areas for children in order to improve their play and extend their development, we also need to consider how well the areas are working in respect of the following:
•Extending children’s learning and development
•Encouraging high expectations of their achievements
This is important because one of the statutory requirements of the EYFS is that every provider must ensure that they created an ‘enjoyable and challenging’ learning and development experience which meets every child’s needs.

The extending children’s learning and development - means looking at how children are using play opportunities and considering whether they are sufficient to
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their attitudes and learning style
•Any patterns in behaviour.
A high-quality learning environment (indoor and outdoor), therefore in order to observe children in naturally occurring situations and self-initiated play. In full-day care settings, there will also be opportunities for observation during daily routines, for example, as the child enters nursery, snack or meal times. The practitioners working with young children should always be aware of significant information that children communicate to us through their words or actions.
Recorded observations- many observations are not all written down and much useful information will be exchanged verbally through informal discussions between practitioners and parents. However, it is important to build up over time a record of observational information that can be shared more formally and used as a tool for reflecting on and planning for children 's learning.
Written observations- It may not always be appropriate to expect all adults to write down their observations of children 's play and learning. Some parents can find this expectation intimidating and scribing their comments can be an effective way of gathering

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