1. Why Do Teenagers Want To Censor Themselves?

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Teenagers treasure popularity, being the same, and being known. But have you ever wondered if some are also trying to keep it on the down low? To be quiet and to be kept unknown? Some are opposites and they just want to be away from people. They do not like the big crowd and prefer to be isolated from them. Is it not a problem that some teens are actually willing to seclude themselves from circles? Do they not feel alone and want to be included? I expect some want to be included, but there are somewhere they do not care. Through late nights and early mornings, thinking about all these questions finally led me to one question that was the overall question of this problem; Why do teenagers want to censor themselves? It is a crisis in today’s world where teenagers feel the need to censor certain parts of their personality and physical features. Some feel that they should be the same as someone else so that they are not judged as much. Some want to look and be different and still expect to be not judged. During the month of July 2015, teens started a trend, a ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’. Teens have been declaring war against body shaming. Body …show more content…

It is a natural instinct to look at one person and have an either good impression or bad impression on that person. Their hearts and minds are trained to judge at first sight. When they pick up a book and the book cover is brand new and pretty, they tend to want to read it even though we do not know what is in all those pages. If others were to pick up an old, ripped book, they would automatically put it back down because the sight already makes them uninterested. Looking at one person from afar, whether they are dressed in a hideous clothing they have ever seen or the classiest dress ever, they are going to judge them. Depending if they were going to judge them because they are good looking or because they are ugly, there is still a sense of judgment

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