Guidelines For A Bill To Stop Bullying

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Stop Bullying
This bill is to put a stop on all bullying. That includes cyber, internet, in school bullying, etc. No type of bullying is acceptable. My bill will state that if you get caught bullying you will get fined $50 up to $1000 with possible imprisonment. You may be asking why that much but it is this much because if it happens continuously it is considered harassment, also this may take one’s life away.

Enacting Clause:

This bill (Stop Bullying) intends to put a stop to all bullying. If you get caught you will get fined $50-$1000 with possible imprisonment. This bill intends to show kids and adults that it is ok to show the real you and stop pretending to be somebody else because they are scared or are getting bullied.

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They always said if you are being bullied you need to hurry up and report this to an adult and they will take it from there. That does not always work because that can sometimes make the situation more badly, you must be asking how. Well I will tell you, it makes the situation more badly because it shows the bully that they are getting to you and it shows weakness. And when an adult or whoever it may be that confronts the bully if you tell what is going on that may make the bully angrier. Now for cyberbullying you should always save the messages that have been sent. If you are not the one being bullying but you see it you should not be afraid to stand up for the person who is, don’t be a bystander. Also keep in mind that all types of bulling is hurtful and dangerous. Cyberbullying is just a bully who does not want people to see their true colors, people bully because of the way they have been treated, everyone is equal and we need to show everyone that they matter. Cyberbullying is just easier for people to do because they are behind a screen so they can say whatever they want. This bill is to show everyone that they are safe and they don’t need to put other people down. This bill is to keep everyone happy and show the world how amazing the world will be without everyone putting each other down. This bill will make a huge impact in the world. If you get caught bullying there will be

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