Persuasive Essay On Judging People

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In this society people tend to judge everyone even if they don't know them. When you see someone passing by, you look at them from head to toe, you see someone that has a different hair color you immediately think in your head and rate it if it looks good in that person or if it doesn’t. In this world peoples first instincts is to judge someone even if you don’t think about it. Woman till this day are being judged by the way they speak or the way they act. I strongly believe that we should definitely stop judging people just by the way they look or act, in this world there's a lot of negativity that goes around. We need to change the world and have peace, to let everyone be themselves, to let them express how they feel without judging someone and make them feel comfortable.
Young was considered a social norm, he didn’t have the same aspects as a individual in his culture, because he had an advanced degree and it made himself look more white and less African American. The article “The Barbershop” explains how African Americans are different then Young, he talks about how differently they dress how they sagged their pants and buy expensive two …show more content…

People judge woman because they don't fit the same expectations as men. Men tend to make woman feel weak and powerless. In the article “ His Politeness Is Her Powerlessness” Deborah Tannen explains in paragraph four that woman have lower status than men do.When Experts and non experts see woman, everything that she says immediately reflects her on being powerless. A psychologist made an experiment that he ask a men and a women the meaning of being polite and they both got the answer right, with just different definitions but they both were describing the point of view they see as a different gender. Women are being judged by the way men make them look but its just based on mens perceptions, that they make women reflect themselves as low

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