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In the year 1054, the Catholic Church had issues within the different parts of it. As these issues continued to pose a bigger problem, the church finally decided that it needed to separate and become different churches so that they could each conduct and run the church like they wanted to. The two branches of the Catholic Church that were feuding around this time were the Latin portion of the church, later known as Roman Catholics, and the Greek part, which were eventually known as the Orthodox Church. As we take a look back at these two branches of the Catholic Church, the differences and problems that they had with one another will be shown by evidence found in documents relating to the incidents and troubles that caused the church to have …show more content…

This caused even more of a need for separation than ever before, finally in 1054 that split came and the two became their own distinguished churches. (Document 1) After the separation, the Latin Catholics had seemed to grow even angrier at the Greeks, this caused the two sides to want to fight and harm each other because they felt that because of their differences that the other was wrong so they assumed that the only way to be right was to get rid of them and to get rid of their ideas and beliefs. (Document 9) As the two continued to try and find ways to end the others spread of beliefs and ideas and to end their religion all together, more and more war was fought. The King of Sicily surrendered to the Pope and along with that he gave him all of the land that he had conquered and the Pope promised that God would protect him, so this helped the Latin Catholics gain land and continue to spread their beliefs and ideas while trying to stop the Greek Orthodox from spreading their religion. The Latin Catholics continued to disagree with the Greek Orthodox Church after their split and both of these churches continued to try and gain on each other and try to prevail as the lasting Catholic Church in Europe. (Document 2) With the churches separated, they didn’t want to be associated with each other so the Orthodox Church changed the name of one of the three patriarchs to make it sound like lesser of a name because they felt that since the Romans left them then they are better than them and shouldn’t be considered in the same category. This further shows evidence of the dislike and differences between these two sides of the Catholic Church. (Document 6) Since the people of Greece didn’t like the Latins after the split because of their different ideas of the church and religion, they felt as if they needed a ruler who had the same beliefs as the people he ruled so they requested their

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