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Political concerns arose because of different beliefs in government structure. The federalist, for instance supported a republic way of government in order to reduce faction. In Document A from the Federalist Papers for example, James Madison explains how because men have different opinions and wealth, having rival parties is almost inevitable. In order to solve this a large republic form of government is an ideal choice, according to him, because there’s a larger representatives and it will be harder for candid The federalists believed that with elite leaders, they would not need to worry about tyranny. In addition, they wanted a separation of powers among the legislative, judicial, and executive branches in which the division of powers …show more content…

They believed that the state should hold the major power to protect everyone’s rights and by putting more power on the executive branch and weakening the states, the antifederalists believed that there will be potential abuses from the government such as absolute ruling. In document G which is from the Antifederalist papers, “Brutus,” explains the senate as part of the Aristocratical part and the Executive branch as the monarchial branch. He believes that the Supreme Court can interpret the constitution as to how they would like it to mean and will cause the government to be modified to a structure that they please. This might cause the depletion and validity of the legislation and the judiciary branches. In addition, putting great power on any men can cause the people to be oppressed. The purpose of this document was to make sure that more powerful checks be placed so that anybody of power does not abuse its …show more content…

This rebellion began because of the need for paper money and tax relief. In Document B, from the Federalists Paper, Hamilton explains how the government should have a general power of taxation. It is necessary because without taxation, the government is unable to support national forces and the expense of troops and military arrangements and operations. In addition, Hamilton also includes how it’s either that people pays taxes as a way to fulfill public needs or the nation has to diminish due to the increase in debt. To the Antifederalist however, taxes were considered a threat for them because the national government can levy the taxes whenever they want and was another form of the oppression from the British parliament. The audience of this document is the antifederalists who were concerned that the government was going to be oppressive and be unreasonable with taxes. Another concern that arose was that Hamilton also wanted to create a national bank and during that time only a few were present in which they were located in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York only. He hoped the bank will provide loans and currency to businesses and a safe place to deposit money as well. This national government would be charted by the federal government and be controlled by directors in which 1/5th of them would be appointed by the government as

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