3d Bone Printing Research Papers

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3D Bone Printing The realm of biomedical research is constantly changing with advances in technology. One of the new technologies on the biomedical research horizon is three dimensional (3D) bone printing. Top surgeons and doctors worldwide are honing this 3D bone printing technology to create bone replacements (Lewis, 2013). 3D bone printing technology is being used several ways to aid in medical treatment. In some instances, researchers are using 3D printing coupled with 3D imaging to replace bones and cartilage in the body with synthetic materials that are stronger than bone (Ducharme, 2013). Other researchers are combining 3D printing with stem cells to regenerate new bone tissue (Lewis, 2013). The various utilization of this 3D bone printing technology portrays the impact that it will have on advancing medical treatment options. One of the current 3D printers is able to print at high speeds using a specific type of nylon, which has been found to be well tolerated by the human body and stronger and more durable than bone (Staff, 2013). The surgeon can take this new 3D printed bone, that is specific to the patient, and replace it within a few hours (Staff, 2013). This technology is coupled with the use of 3D imaging, and is lower cost and time …show more content…

In this process first the 3D printer creates a “scaffold” in the exact shape of the patients bone (Lewis, 2013). The scaffold can be made out of hydroxyapatite or porous ceramic material, as they both have shown biocompatibility for tissue generation (Irsen, et al, 2005). Next, the scaffold is coated with stem cells that will develop into fully functional bone tissue (Lewis, 2013). The stem cell covered scaffold is then placed into the body and after about three months the scaffold degenerates and is replaced by new bone tissue (Lewis, 2013). Like the previous process, this process also is both time and cost effective (Lewis,

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