9/11 Effectiveness

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In the 09/11, Pentagon attack that left an indelible mark on American history faced similar challenges. The leadership was ineffective and no immediate action was taken to deal with the terror attack. The government had no planning team to determine what to do with such a catastrophe. Donald Rumsfeld, a civilian Defense Secretary, claims that it was not his responsibility to protect the homeland against such attacks but was rather that of law enforcement. Vice President Dick Cheney was to be in charge of the domestic terrorism investigation group. (9/11 ATTACK ON PENTAGON, 2006) The research conducted was not enough as there were cameras, metal detectors and x-ray machines at Portland yet the hijackers were able to board the planes with prohibited …show more content…

This center was operated 24/7 for two weeks. Its main purpose was to deal with the Toronto Police Service threats, support the normal operation of the police and to gather and disclose the information related to the crisis. They had to conduct research to determine if the information collected was correct and genuine before dissemination to avoid misleading the public, safeguarding the health of members was the main objective. The police had to work extra hours responding to calls and medical agencies. The volunteers helped in supplying thermometers, protective masks, and gloves. The federal government implemented the quarantine act to prevent the spread of SARS, the plans implementation was successful and helped the government to achieve its objectives by reducing the spread of the …show more content…

The SARS led to the loss of lives, business bankruptcy and affected the tourism industry, this all led to a negative impact on the economy of the country. The health systems should use the three reports, Naylor, Kirby and Walker to renew the systems by increasing the resources, improving the systems and inter-agency cooperation. These would help by allowing for a better plan and preparing for future disasters. Political parties should come together with a common objective of having a plan for infectious disease protection, there should be a political motive to implement the plan and the need for the political parties to review and maintain the plan to ensure protection of the entire community. There is a need to increase the number of medical practitioners, and should be trained to deal with these types of incident should they happen in the future. The number and the capacity of the laboratories should also be increased, there should also be an increase in the amount of money spent in technological research. The government should also prioritize the restructuring, reorganizing and decentralization of the health facility systems which had been neglected for years (Hwang, 2007). Infectious diseases are direct; they can rapidly affect an entire region if not managed properly. With globalization the need to manage these diseases is more important than ever as these

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