9-11 Policy Analysis

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The money spent on protecting our country has went up greatly of the years since 9-11.(Green, 2014, para. 7) 9-11 made people to question if our country is really secure. This caused the government to make a lot of polices to help make our country safe for the people living there. These polices focused on security, immigration, defense and etc. One main focus of the government was security. Transportation Security Administration was a an effect of 9-11. This advanced security when leaving the country. TSA made you have to be searched to go on plane. This was a great improvement because this policy made it a lot harder to pass through with anything dangerous. Before this policy, you didn 't have to show your ID to go somewhere on a plane. …show more content…

(NPR, 2014, para. 12) This act is a big effect of 9-11. The Homeland Security Act is an act to keep America terrorist free. This act gave a lot of authority. This also took away some freedom of US citizens. The Homeland Security Act is able to get any information to not have any terrorism in America. (AHIMA, 2010, para. 3) With the help of TSA, they made security policies. For example, the group and the act gave commercial pilots guns for when piloting a plane. (NPR, 2014, para. 12) This act made a whole new Department also. This department is called US Department of Homeland Security. (NPR, 2014, para. 13) This department has many responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is grouping the condition of threats in America. These acts made America safer. They protect us from harm when traveling on airplanes now. They monitor terrorist acts. Even though they are somewhat intense they are for the better. The security has gone up greatly since 9-11 and without these improvements 9-11 could easily happen again …show more content…

Additionally, defense was focused on by the government after 9-1. Once 9-11 happened the FBI director decided he needed to do something to try to prevent a terrorist attack this major. The director changed their main focus. The new main focus was counterterrorism. With counterterrorism being their main focus the congress funded this area greatly. (NPR, 2004, para. 4) The defense of our country grew by having more people sign up to be in the army. The numbers grew rapidly. (Green, 2014, para. 9) With 9-11 being so dramatic our defense spending went up greatly. Our country is the highest spender of defense spending. (Peterson Found., 2015, para. 1) The major focus of the FBI is counterterrorism it 's too much focus on terrorism because massive terrorism events don 't happen very often, yet they do cause huge damage. I think that terrorism should be second or third on their list not first. Drugs and more common crimes should be first because of their more frequency compared to terrorism. (NCADD, para. 4 & 5) (Johnston, 2015, graph) The FBI should focus more on how to prevent drug crime. Many policies were put into effect because of how massive the terrorist attack of 9-11 were. These policies are a huge part of what American and it 's government is today. Without some of these policies we could be in the equal amount of danger we were 14 years ago with 9-11. These polices are part of how life is now. They make our country a safer

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