Analysis Of Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

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This term paper is on the satire in the movie “Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay”. It is highly recommended that reader has watched this movie in order to fully understand the satirical work. However we have tried to give a brief summary below to give the zest of the movie.
The movie is based on two friends Harold of Korean origin and Kumar of Indian origin who set out for Amsterdam for some purposes. While on the flight, they were smoking weed using a strange looking device and when caught by other passenger, they were instantly taken for terrorists due to their ethnicity who were trying to blow up the plane with the bomb they were carrying. They were arrested by the homeland security agency for investigation led by Secretary …show more content…

In the movie deviations has been shown from the standards mainly by the character of Secretary Fox. So it is expected that the audience has a rough idea of the standards. The ideal for the security agencies is however hard to define because it may vary from situation to situation and time to time. It is a function of various others parameters too like society, administration, etc. Also the margin for an ideal in the security is not narrow. We can point out what is wrong and suggest some better as standard. However there will always be some standard higher than that. But we can say that the deviation presented in the movie is really too much so as to enable us to relearn those standards and find out what is wrong and how much is …show more content…

The federal agency detained a thousands of minorities in order to get to the root of the 9/11 attack of which except for a few, maybe, all were innocent. They detained them without any proof, just on the basis of suspicion. That was definitely not a rational move on their part. These actions were condemned all over the world. So, then these agencies changed their strategy, rather than using brute force on suspected people, they started monitoring their everyday activities using surveillance services. In this way they avoided the risk of exposure of their doings like in the case of Guantanamo Bay but now also their work is equally intrusive and erroneous as before. Also by using the advanced technology, they have increased the number of monitored people manifold. Since common people wouldn’t even ever know of this intrusion to their privacy, so due to lack of opposition this has led to widespread use of this all over America. There are many forms of media which have discussed this matter in detail and tried to show the perspectives of both sides. For example there is book called “Spying on Democracy” talking in detail over this matter. Also there is a TV show called “Person of Interest” in which side by side of the resistance group toward this surveillance, views of the creator of this surveillance mechanism has also been shown. This show overall presented the general view that if surveillance/spying was okay if it was done by a

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