A Bad Mom Christmas Character Analysis

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The most wonderful time of the year is christmas for everyone expected the three friends Amy, Kiki, and Carla; the three main character of A Bad Moms Christmas. In this action/ adventure movie unappreciated moms decided that their gonna do christmas the lazy way instead of worrying about having the perfect ideal christmas. Unfortunately it 's not that easy when their own mothers decided to butt in. Amy has her mom on her back to do a traditional christmas and tries to take over. Kiki’s mom shows up early and is super overwhelming, stressful, smoothing and invading kiki’s space. Carla is a teenager at heart who’s selfish mom pops back in her life again and again when it 's convenient for her. After all the stress they decide to go against the challenges and expectations of christmas by just …show more content…

The personalities really worked well with each individual scripts and you could tell. Mila kunis is a very strong independed woman which shows in every movie she acts in. Mila has always took on roles that portrayed hard headed character so her being Amy and resisting her mother was shown nicly. Kathryn Hahn has always been a firecracker by playing the rebel and inappropriate roles like carla. Surprisingly the less mature mom, carla, truly cares for her son and has a terrible irresponsible mother. Kathryn is good at getting pity with her sad/crying face which you would almost say is real and not just acting. The third mother Kiki was played by Kristen Stewart who is well known for being a sweet kind girl. Kristen’s pretty blonde face helps with her innocent look in the roles such as being a mother.
No matter what the normal thing to do is, your way is the right way to do it. Even though christmas lights and trees are pretty they aren’t necessary and spending time with your loved ones is the most important thing you can do on holidays. The way these moms were bad actually ended up being the good

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