A Career As A Nursing Assistant

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When I was a little kid I always dreamed of becoming a nurse I would always be nurses on television taking care of people and making them smile one of my biggest passion is to become a nurse. During high school I got the option to take a certified nursing assistant class throughout the class because everything that we needed to know but my teacher was not very good throughout clinicals she would only tell us stuff one time and she would never explain it we had to always figure it out by ourselves. The course was very challenging and when it came time to take our certified nursing assistant exam I felt really unprepared. Although I would always read my book and study the sections that she told us to and I would do good on my test and quizzes…show more content…
There is a lot of talk about nursing homes not being very good to the patient and there is a lot of elderly financial abuse and physical abuse that goes on sometimes in nursing homes when you become a nurse you have to be good at what you do and if you only there for a paycheck then it 's not the job for you. I am passionate about becoming a registered nurse and I love taking care of people so when I will take the course and I felt like a failure I wanted to give it all up. When I took my certified nursing assistant exam I pass it and I started to apply for jobs and within the next few days I was getting calls I started a new job as a certified nursing assistant and I had to attend a training and I 'm already good at what I do. Being at the hospital and or nursing home is such a good feeling because you are making people around you happy who may not have family that home or pet or people to just talk to. I want to continue my education by going to college and getting my bachelors in nursing and then maybe my masters to become a nurse practitioner and then I can open up my range of help to people. my path to success wasn 't too bad but it was nice easy day and I 'm just glad that I am able to continue my education so that I can make an impact on others people
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