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Introduction Everyday there is somebody working in an education career. With a degree in education an individual has more than a hundred different job choices (Carlson 2015). Each job in education is extremely important and has an impact on somebody else’s life. This essay will define three positions possible in an education career and provide some insight about an education career. The insight will include the popularity of the education career and the technology involved in the education career. This paper provides an opportunity to research some of the requirements a career in education has to meet, but for warned that the requirements vary depending on different states. The requirements also vary depending on which job an individual takes …show more content…

Some schools have their teachers communicate through online media services (Cox 2014). There are several online journals that inform individuals’ roles in technology play within their workplace. Technology is used to help educators to teach children with disabilities. Tablets are being used to help children with autism to learn (Bozic and Dunlap 2013). Technology is going to grow in the future and educators are going to have to be able to adapt (Ritz and Bevins 2012). There are all kinds of television commercials to help advertise how countries need help with technology. The commercials have advertise how different countries need computers or laptops to help their children learn and …show more content…

I was then going to go and work on earning a master’s degree for media specialist. I volunteered in the elementary and high school library. While volunteering at the two libraries I learned that you have to have a good memory. You have to keep count of how many books you just counted at the end of the year. You will then know how many books you will have beginning the next year. You have to keep track of who checked out which book, and when the due date is. I learned that it never hurts to have everything on paper copy and not just on the computer. The card catalog may not be all that popular, but it never hurts to have one in any library. The card catalog helps provide the students with the information to find books on their own. They gather the knowledge and knowhow about how a library organizes books. I also know how to make the bookshelves look all nice and tidy. I know how to clean the books and to discard any books that have mold. I know how to check the children’s reading level and to determine the books level. I can work PowerPoint, Word, and other applications efficiently. It is not a job that you can discard technology out of. From my own personal experience, I know that an education career is not for all individuals. Every day is unpredictable, meaning that each day will be different. You will hear of some of the craziest stories and will witness some very unbelievable experiences. You never

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