A Comparison Of George Bush And William Mckinley Inaugural Address

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With the presidential election finished it is time to look back on our previous president and examine their inaugural address that they gave to million of american around the united states. These inaugural addresses have some similarities and differences in them. In William McKinley inaugural address his main points were to fix what was broken mainly toward economics and industrial machinery. His main points were "we need to revise the financial system and to allow the government to supervise currency". His points on currency actually helped his presidency while he was in office. He help prolong and grow the american economy. He also help immigrant entering the US because he wanted to stop the foreign competitions. His opening lines were mainly a thanks to the american people and how that his …show more content…

Through out the years president have different point of views on the main subjects at hand in america. William McKinley being in the 19th century he was more focused on america being more involved in foreign country and industrializing america. George Bush and Bill Clinton were more focused on the next generation and equality for the people. George Bushes Speech was very passive and short in the since of length. He didn't make any bold statement and didn't have a set goal for america. Bill Clinton was mainly thanking the previous century of president and say how america will preserve and continue to climb as we advance into the next generation of people. William McKinley speech sounded more professional and assertive. He had more of a "YES man" speech and saying so many thing that he would do and did do. William McKinley was what the president should be doing and do. HE was an assertive president that help america grow its economy, start off the industrial age and help halted forging controversy in trading. Bill Clinton and George Bush did some thing ,but not much that help start of progress

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