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Shanzhen Yang
Mr. Allan
English 6
Period 4
March 30, 2023
Family Will Protect You
In the book A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, Salva Dut is a young Sudanese boy who is a refugee trying to seek protection during a war by going to refugee camps. When he is on his way to the refugee camp in Ethiopia, he meets up with his uncle. The theme of the book is that family will protect you. First, the quote "Salva, I have a gun. I will shoot any lion that comes near."(35) shows that family will protect you. The family that will protect Salva is his uncle. Uncle knows that Salva fears getting eaten by the lion during his sleep just like Marial did. So, Uncle then proceeded to comfort Salva by telling him that he will shoot every lion that comes near. The reason this is related to the theme of family will protect you is because Uncle is protecting Salva, who is part of his family. …show more content…

"’You are too small, and not strong enough yet. Without water you will not survive the rest of the walk. Some of the others-they will be able to manage better than you.’"(46) shows that Uncle cares about Salva and protects Salva because he is trying to protect Salva from dying of thirst by not letting him share his water with the half dead men. Uncle is protecting Salva by not letting him share his water to the men because if Salva had given his water to the men, they would have survived, but Salva would not have. Uncle knew that the women would survive even if they gave their water to the thirsty men, so he held Salva back and made him survive. This shows that Uncle cares about Salva and wants to protect his life, something many others will

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