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I sincerely would love to be a part of the computer science program here at Texas A&M University and feel qualified with my background in computers and various programming languages. I have been working to be the best student I can for this program by participating in coding activities and competitions like Hack TAMU, Hack Texas, Code Red, and some others. Along with that, I have been attending informative seminars like the Google Tech Talks and Resume Workshops hosted here at A&M to learn and help pursue my career related goals in the future. Also, I have become more involved with the Aggie Computing Society to network and attended informative meetings. I feel that I have proven my knowledge, ability to code, and ability to problem solve …show more content…

My first semester of college was quite rough, as early on a tumor was found in my mom’s hip. I was forced to drive home and help my mother and family out, making my transition into college extremely difficult for a while. My two Q drops my first semester were not because of my inability to understand the work, for when I retook calculus I got an 89 in it, but rather the difficulty I had dealing with this tough time and transitioning into college. Sadly, I also had to use two Q drops last semester with some scheduling issues with my afternoon classes because of that business I was running to pay for my tuition and necessities. I had to make a sacrifice here due to the fact that majority of my family 's money has been going towards medical expenses and my dad had lost his job. Fortunately for me, I decided and was able to sell the business to finish off paying for the semester, re-enrolled in those same courses that same semester, and am now getting financial help so I can strictly focus on my school work. Also, more than anything I am happy to say that my mother was declared cancer free near the end of last semester, so no other obstacles like that should come my way. I feel that my capabilities in school are reflected in how I did last semester once I was completely focused on school, making a 4.0 in important math and science courses and even my computer science course, as well as now having made

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