Schulich Leader Scholarship Essay

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I am sincerely honoured and appreciative that I have been selected as a possible recipient of the Schulich Leader Scholarship. Becoming a great leader takes time and experience to cultivate. It means creating a path forward inspiring myself and others to be the best they can be. I believe that I would be an excellent Schulich Leader because I want to make a difference by helping others. With the resources that would be provided to me by being a Schulich leader, I would be able to help others to the maximum of my abilities. I am hard working and take joy in helping others. This allows me to inspire people to also help others. My Academic Track Records, my financial need, and my extensive community involvement all make me a great Schulich Leader. …show more content…

With these continuous marks, it is evident that I would be able to succeed and maintain a high average in post-secondary studies. Throughout my Highschool years, I achieved academic honours in all of my 32 courses. This status allowed me to support other students in achieving higher academic levels through sharing knowledge, motivation, inspiring confidence, and cultivating a passion for academics. It means going beyond personal gains in achievement scores to helping ensure fellow students have greater confidence and competence in their academics also. I excel in both the sciences as well as classes not directly related to my career path. This shows that I am diverse in my class choices and would provide more and be more beneficial than just book smart students. In the classroom, I am the go-to person when you need help with a problem and I take pride in helping others. With confidence and competence, I take pride in the accomplishments of those who help along the way. I welcome challenges and love tackling problems in unique

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