A Personal Narrative Essay On A Homeless Person

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Personal Narrative 2 years ago I went to Pakistan. When I was there, I met a homeless guy. That homeless guy helped me, and kind of changed my perspective on the way I look at things now. We were going to Pakistan for our aunt’s wedding( we meaning I and my family). It was a thirteen hour flight,but it didn't feel that long. When we got there, our relatives picked us up, and took us to our hotel in Karachi. After a few days, it was time for the wedding. We got changed in our nice clothes and called the driver. It was at least a 30 minute drive. Our driver dropped us off at the building and we went inside. It looked big and fancy, but after at least 20 minutes of singing and dancing and marriage I kind of got bored. So I went outside, and walked around abit. I lost track of time, and distance. Before I knew it, I had no idea where I was. I was lost. I…show more content…
Obviously, I wasn't 100% sure if that was good idea, doing what a stranger tells me to do, but that was my only chance. So I said thankyou, and went where he told me to go. Sure enough there was the building. I quickly went inside, and my mom spotted me. She ran over to me, and started yelling at me. She asked where was I, and why I took so long. I didn't think my mom would approve of me, taking advice from a complete stranger so I told her I took a walk outside for some fresh air. She lectured me about telling her where I'm going, but it’s all good. After she finished she continued doing her girly stuff with the bride/my aunt. I used to look down on homeless people. I didn’t think I was better than them,but I don't care much about them while I walked by them. I realized that they’re normal people just like us, that know things just like us. They might even know more things than we do. All they need is a little support. They weren't blessed with the things we have, and that doesn't make us better than them. That was what I concluded from my
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