A Rhetorical Analysis Of Valedictorian By Margaret Talbot

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Margaret talbot ,throughout her piece, shows how students have been focused on getting the title of “Valedictorian” when really it is just causing several issues Talbot uses different rhetorical devices to have a personal connection with her readers and make her argument more credible. The author explains the difficulties in getting valedictorian and the problems that it has with some students who believe they deserve the title. Talbot explains how students who received valedictorian are still academically skilled in college; however, nobody really cares whether or not you got valedictorian. Talbots message appeals to the audience’ s emotions when she shows the amount of stress and work that students put themselves through in order to qualify …show more content…

The author also uses a book about the life of students after they getting valedictorian. The author demonstrates her point when she says, “ According to Arnold’s 1995 book lives of promise: what becomes of high school valedictorians, these students continued to distinguish themselves academically in college…” ( 230); therefore, Talbot still shows the advantages that the valedictorians get, showing that she isn’t fully against the idea. Which is further implied when Talbot says “ perhaps something is lost if schools eliminate valedictorians”. Talbot also uses historical background on the American high school, which once again makes her argument more reliable because it gives insight to the students there. This background adds more logos to her argument, since it backs up her ideas. Talbot also uses personal connection with the audience; therefore, the Talbot is seen to know what high school is like. Talbot uses her experiences in high school to explain how the educational system should be changed, since there has been the issue of valedictorians for a while. The personal connection also adds to the pathos, because it shows how many students want to focus on achieving a specific goal, in this case valedictorian, instead of focusing on things such as academic success or community service, etc. Furthermore, the essay states “ Nobody in college cares about about you having been valedictorian,” ( 227) because there are more important things in life to care about than a silly title given in high school that won’t have as much importance later on. The student is in college and explains her experience with her roommate not knowing of her title as valedictorian, because it’s simply not of importance. Talbot also uses an analogy in paragraph 25 comparing football to valedictorians these two things are very different and it’s almost humorous how she

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