A Significant Event In My Life

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Through good times and bad I can always see God working out his plan for me. Sometimes God does not answer my prayers the way I wanted them or even just not given an answer but I have learned that at those times I need to just let it go so I can get it done.
One event in my life that has impacted me is my ability and my loving heart to serve with the little one year olds at my church. I have been doing this since the start of 8th grade. I have committed to serve at Inland Hills Church every Sunday. It has impacted me by seeing the little kids grow up just before my eyes. I love it when I can make a difference in just a little thing I say talking about the love Jesus gives us. Some little kids don’t know who Jesus is or what Jesus did and I love being given the opportunity to pour all that I have into these kids. I believe that God has shown me a way to express my love to kids I don't even know yet, but by doing so it also helps my relationship with God. It seems weird to be saying that I can speak into these kids when they cannot even talk. I never knew what a difference I had made until a parent told me and thanked me. One day I had come into a room full of kids, there was one kid in particular that
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I volunteer at a hospital and get to work alongside the nurses and improve my knowledge of serving others when they need the help. My grandma also volunteers there and she thought it was a great idea for me to go there and serve because I have a part of me that just wants to help. So I applied and only so many got picked and one of them was me. I was very nervous and self conscious about what others would think about me at the interview and thought down on myself saying I wouldn't get the position and after it was all said and done I got it and learned that I need to not care as much as what people think about me because God has a plan and if I didn’t get this position then another door would

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