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What do you think about the optimism? Do you think you are the optimist?
I want to tell you a story, in fact it’s just a short conversation of two men. One man, he carelessly dropped his wallet. He extremely disappointed and talked with his friend: “That’s it! My life is complete! I lost it all!”. The friend asked: “So, you still see, hear, go around…, don’t you?”. The man said: “Yes!?”. The friend smiled and said: “So, I think that You only lost your money”. The story is exciting, isn’t it?  Only in different way of looking, life of a person will change: in negative, seemingly everything is end, in positive, ready to begin everything. The things remain that, just change the way we look and our lives changed.
When you look in a white board,
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Losing a love, a person doesn’t love you, you will get a lesson. Losing a project, an amount of money, you will still get a lesson. And so something in this life must also have its cost. For example, you lose your tuition, you get lessons on how to not lose the money again, not forget or dropped it somewhere anymore. If we try to think optimistic we will feel more comfortable. I really like the picture of the pencil. No pencil can create a masterpiece painting from the first drawing. It must draws wrong in a few times, and then it becomes a masterpiece painting. Like human, no one doesn’t have mistake in the first action. In life, we will get many mistakes, but we try to happy because you make mistake. And we know how to repair it not to make it again. No one succeed in the first action. The problem is you try to find your mistake and make good more success, more intelligent. That is the positive thinking. And the old days, Edison found filament bulb also by this thinking. Each time he failed to find the filament bulb, he was not discouraged. He used to fail a hundred times, in his science career, he failed a thousand times. But after every defeat he was even more happy. Because he eliminated one of not doing filament bulb. And finally, played 10000 times his failure had found substances that are filament bulbs. The main is positive thinking. It urged him, to help him gone on the end of the detection of the filament…show more content…
With such way of life, you will fall into ignorance, subjective, unrealistic. This is a wrong attitude and you should be avoided in order not to become passive, stagnant.
Everyone needs optimistic to nourish aspirations, striving for success in the profession and to escape the unnecessary concerns. We are young people, try to join the action of the forum showed the optimistic spirit of optimism and determination of young people to contribute for a more beautiful society.
So, make you mind always positive, just believe in yourself, always smile and everything will be alright. Thanks for your

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