AHA Is The Leading Cause Of Death Essay

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A father, a friend, a role model, a hard working man, a grandfather, my grandfather died due to Heart Disease. Unfortunately Heart Disease is the leading cause of death globally, “Of the 10 leading causes of death in 2021, 9 remained the same as in 2020. Heart disease was the leading cause of death”(CDC 1). According to the National Institute of Health, in 2021 an estimated total of 2,052 million dollars was spent on researching Heart Disease. Organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Children's Heart Foundation, and many other organizations donate money to researching Heart Disease through donations collected. One way of helping put an end to the suffering that Heart Disease causes, is donating time or money towards …show more content…

The American Heart Association(AHA) works towards helping people maintain healthier lives and help cure Cardio-Vasulcar Diseases and Strokes. AHA was created in 1924 by six Cardiologists, in order to help find a cure to Heart Disease the AHA needs donations to fund research. “$5 Billion, Invested in scientific research. Since 1949, the AHA has been making significant annual investments in research and reached this milestone Summer 2022”(AHA 1). Over a seventy-three year span, AHA has received five billion dollars through donations in order to find a cure for the leading cause of death globally. AHA’s research funding goes towards many types of research and education such as learning how to prevent Heart Disease, maintaining a healthy diet, how to cure Heart Disease, how to deal with Heart Disease long-term, etc. “Our initiatives and grants are all centered on one thing - driving precision medicine …show more content…

The foundation was started by Betsy and Steve Peterson in 1996 after losing their eight-year-old son Sam to Congenital Heart Defects. Since 1996, the Children’s Heart Foundation has stayed true to its mission, which is funding research to help diagnose, treat, and prevent CHD. “To date, through 2021, The Children’s Heart Foundation has funded $15 million of CHD research and scientific collaborations— driving breakthroughs that have improved survival rates, longevity, and quality of life for individuals living with CHDs in dramatic and life-changing ways”(Children’s Heart Foundation). Not only do the lives of the individuals change but also of the people around them. Family’s hope and pray for good news from a doctor when their loved one is sick, waiting to know if their loved one is going to have a happy life in the future. Mrs and Mr. Peterson didn’t get the good news from the doctor regarding their son Sam who died due to his Heart collapsing. This led his parents to start the foundation in order to help children with CHDs get the proper diagnosis as well as helping fund research to find a cure to CHDs in order to help those struggling how they

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