Abigail Fisher Case

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Hunter Johnson
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Term Paper Political Actors are not just any elected officials, but they can be any organization, group, or person that has an influence on any political issue. In the Texas affirmative action case, many political actors are involved. Edward Blum runs a group who is working on ending affirmative action. He was along side Abigail Fisher helping her though this case. Another political actor was Justice Clarence Thomas. He wrote his own opinion arguing that considering race in college admissions is prohibited by the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under law. Thomas even said that slaveholders once argued that slavery helped to civilize blacks, and that segregationist argued that separating students by …show more content…

The University of Texas is a prime example of inner workings of government institutions. This represents U.S. Political culture in many ways. No one wants to take the blame. Abigail Fisher is one of many students who have been denied, but she did not take no for an answer. Justice Elena Kagan worked on this issue while she was a solicitor general under Obama but removed herself from the case. There are many “serpents” in our Government who believe that they can simply erase themselves from a situation. Instead of fixing the issue themselves, they turn towards the people’s vote. 45 percent of the people said that they believe that the programs have gone too far, and should be ended because they unfairly discriminate against whites. A equal 45 percent said that they believe affirmative action programs are still needed today. This case may impact the greater community in many ways. It may make more students aware of affirmative action and help them maintain their rights. Abigail Fisher opened they eyes of many when it comes to applying for colleges. This case may help fight race-based policies all over the country. Conservative activist have worked to make Abigail Fisher the leader and symbol of racial victimization in

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