Abuse In Nursing Home Essay

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People think that putting a Family member in a nursing home is alright and would expect their family member to be protected and get the help they need. Not all nursing homes are safe; there have been accidents including neglect and abuse. Government study found eighty-five percent of nursing homes reported at least one incidence of abuse or neglect in 2012. Abuse is getting hurt by someone or also getting neglected care. Some ways to tell if someone is being abused are bed sores, open wounds, bruising, broken bones, and nagging infections. A nursing home is basically for any type of ages, it has workers that help people that need the medical attention to live, or can’t live on their own because of living conditions. What some people don’t know is that there are people that work in a nursing home that are just not meant for working with elders or any type of people with a living condition. It’s already hard enough for them and for the workers to get annoyed with them is just worse. It takes patients and time to work with someone with a living or medical condition. The forms of abuse in nursing homes are physical, emotional, and sexual contact. The way to tell if a patient is being abused or neglected is the patient becoming nervous or scared of their caregiver. The way you approach them you …show more content…

A way to tell is that there could be bruises on the patient, or if you come into physical contact the patient could be jumpy. Emotional contact abuse is by ignoring the patient, terrorizing, and humiliation. Sexual contact is another form of abuse; it is by forced sexual contact with the patient that does not want it. The way to tell if these abuses are in contact is all by the patient’s reaction, and how they handle things around them. For example being jumpy can show that they are being hit, if they are constantly complaining then they are being neglected the care that they

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