Abuse In Health And Social Care

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Identifying people at risk of abuse and neglect
It is important when working in a health and social care environment that service providers are able to recognise or identify people who are at risk of suffering from abuse or neglect. Some abusers are aware the care worker’s role. This role is to make sure that they are able to report concerns and will make user that they don’t abuse or neglect a service user in front of others. In addition to this, it is important that a service provider is able to spot of there has been any changes in behaviour in a certain service user who they are giving help to. However, for a service provider to be able to spot changes in a service users personality they will need to get to know and understand them, they
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In this case study it talks about how they are looking after 10 men over the age of 75. It talks about how the residence has a high turnover of staff. And because of this it outs a lot of stress of members of staff in order for them to get all of their work/tasks done on time. Because of this the jobs that they do carry out are not always done to the best of their ability and they don’t always offer the best help and care to patients. An example could be, if a service user needs support with their personal care they may need to wait long periods of time without any help. In addition to this it talks about how some patients have remained without a bath or shower for two to three days. And because of this the patients have felt distress and in some cases they have even suffered from skin conditions because of it. This is an example that neglect is going on and it will need to be recognised and reported in order for it to stop happening and to stop the patient’s conditions to get worse then they already…show more content…
Legalisation can be explained as the process of making or applying laws or Acts of Parliaments, and example of this could be the Mental Health Act (2007). All organisations working within health and social care should make sure that they are setting regulations or (rules) in place to help ensure they are keeping a good standard. A rule that may be set in place in a hospital if you are a surgeon, is that you need to have your hair tide back and wear scrubs to stop
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