Welfare System Abuse

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Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free and no work required. Apply at your local welfare office. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, created the Welfare System; this system was created to aid poor and needy families temporarily during the Great Depression. Today the Welfare System is being abused by taking out over 40% of tax payer’s paychecks to fund ‘needy’ families, and encouraging people to not work. Over 35.4 percent of the United States is registered for welfare. An average family of four, that receives money from the government, can expect as least $500 in food stamps, and at least another $1,500 for whatever else, and top it all off, the government pays all bills and also for any medical visits for the family. So …show more content…

How will the support and take care of it without having any money? He/she could then apply for welfare. If accepted, the parent will receive that amount stated in the above paragraph or more depending on the situation. The family is just having money handed to them without having an adult working for it. This will begin to start a domino effect. If another person relies that you are getting paid without working, they are going to think that they can do the same. They are now able to collect money from the working class, for as long, as they are unemployed, for doing nothing. After a while, welfare recipients may get the mentality that won’t ever have to work again. Why? Because the government keeps robbing tax payers of their money and handing it to individuals who feel the need to do nothing because they know they will still get money regardless. It’s understandable that people will get fired or let go sometimes but they shouldn’t just be handed money until they die. I think that welfare should only be a temporary fix, like it was intended to be, not a life-long thing. Unemployed citizens should only be able to receive welfare check for a short period of time, long enough for them to be able to find a job. Welfare was meant to be a good system to help others during a hard time, but it was not meant to fund the unplowed until death, and it was not meant to put the working class in debt either. There are many small fixes to this problem, but not enough people who see that this systems rules and regulations need to be

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