Social Welfare Dbq

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The social welfare has been a debatable argument for year in the U.S, many since the people have different beliefs in the welfare policy. Many time being is that the federal government had chosen to stay away from social welfare while also choosing to be heavily involved with it, making the federal agencies heavily involved in policy making. Since poverty was considered a problem, they believe that the problem would get better within time if there was a sudden change to make anti-poverty programs.
In the great depression 1930’s the local and state government provided support for the poor, many assistances coming from churches were people would receive free food and agencies supplying the size of aid available to them. Since the economic depression “Welfare assistance was beyond the financial resources of the state” as a result the federal government needed to provide a collection of funds to states to at least let individuals live life the minimum and provide reliefs of people’s immediate needs. The New Deal gave relief to people that were in need that also gave food, shelter and clothing for many people that were unemployed at the time, it also began and open many programs. For example, in 1933 the Federal Emergency Relief Administration which gave loans to the states to be able to use aid …show more content…

Politicians attitudes on Poverty was to approach and prevent while also finding a solution to end poverty. The social Welfare policy is mainly the opinions of many politicians in congress, the great society was a safety net for the poorest people in Americans. But they failed to deliver the main problem that the “culture of poverty” individuals that were living in impoverished areas and were facing economic and social

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