Catastrophes In America

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Living in the United States, the country that is entitled to freedom of speech unlike any other

countries, as stated in the Declaration of Independence “People have

unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness “. Has made Americans believe that they

are entitled to numerous privileges as stated in the article “College students Need Lessons in Tolerance

and Free Speech” written by Peter Scheer. Americans are fortune to live free not under a revolutionary

dictatorship like Cubans and many other countless countries, which are deprived from multiple rights.

Even worse, like Syria, who are being dominated and being killed by ISIS. The same terrorists who have

caused several catastrophes around the world like …show more content…

Unlike Haitians, they are ranked as the poorest country in the world by a 77% of their

habitants. It is devastating seeing their living environment, having to drink dirty water and having to eat

out of the dumpster as a surviving source. To make matters worse, in numerous other countries to be

able to get medical assistance they MUST have money to be assisted or just live until their the last

breath. While living in the United States the Americans are still being supported by the government

with federal Aid, if it is needed, like food stamps, Medicaid and cash assistance. Furthermore,

Americans do not know how lucky they are for having the right to education. In the United States is

obligated by law to receive an education, unlike other countries. For example, South Sudan with the

lowest literacy rate of 27%; Male: 40% and Female: 16%. Why is this? It is because; their priority is to

survive by looking for their next meal. Also their education is not free, like in the public schools of the

United States. Americans also have the right to the best part of life, the right to practice their

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