Academic Integrity

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Academic integrity refers to the ethical policy that the moral code that helps to ensure that honesty is maintained in academics. These include values such as avoidance of plagiarism and cheating, rigor in research, and maintenance of the academic standards, among others. Academic integrity should play an integral role in determining athletic eligibility. As one pursues athletic excellence, it is important for one to ensure that he or she maintains integrity. In the modern athletic world, many athletes have ruined their names and reputation because of cheating. Academic integrity will help to ensure that students who want to engage in athletics maintain the same standard of integrity in athletics. A student who strictly abides by the rules …show more content…

Academic integrity will help to ensure that I put much effort in ensuring I do the right things to achieve my intended grades. As a result, I will be able to score my intended grades with much ease. Academic integrity will help to build trust and respect between my classmates and me hence; providing a healthy learning environment. My classmates will appreciate the fact that I put much effort to ensure that I abide by the rules of academic integrity. Respecting my peers and the academic environment will enable me to learn how to thrive in an environment that is full of diversity. An academic institution usually consists of people from different cultural backgrounds making academic integrity important. Furthermore, it will help to would me into becoming tolerant and respectful towards the ideas and opinions of my peers. Additionally, the experience will also be beneficial in my professional career. It will prepare me to be honest in my professional to ensure I avoid the embarrassment that comes when an athlete is found cheating. Learning to work hard to achieve the intended results in my professional career will give me the respect I deserve from my fellow athletes. I will learn to compete respectfully with my fellow athletes and be able to accept when I do not emerge the victor. As an athlete, engaging in the right activities will be help to ensure that I build a strong character and boost my confidence. Athletes who perform well usually have high levels of confidence when training, practicing, and competing. Therefore, the experience will be reflected well in my academic and professional

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