Accounting Information System Literature Review

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Table of Contents Abstract: 3 Introduction: 3 Functions of an Accounting Information System: 4 Literature Review: 4 The Role of Financial Statement in Managerial Decision Making: 6 Accounting Information System related to Decision-making process: 7 Accounting Information on Decision-making Process: 7 Conclusion: 9 References: 10 Abstract: This paper discussed the extended normative model and supported through a longitudinal study. It is exploring the roles of Accounting Information Systems in an organization facing financial stages. Many teams suffer the various crises in different types. For example, Managerial, Marketing, and Production, financial. It follows systematic and traditional based decision-making concept such as game…show more content…
Particularly well experiences accountants work with AIS means to check the high-level accuracy of company financial transactions and to keep the records in safety manner. To make financial statement easiest way and easy to understand for all of them. AIS is one of the real-time application processes. The Data will be included in the AIS; it depends on the Nature of the Business. It consists of Customer billing statements, Sales orders, purchase Requisitions, Sales analysis reports, Register checking, Vendor invoices, general ideas, payroll information, timekeeping and inventory data, tax information. This data can be used to preparing the accounting statement and reports. (Fontinelle, 2017).Accounting Information System is used for to produce the external stories related to the financial statement, supported through routine activities, Decision Support and Planning and Control, Implementing internal control. Accounting Information roles are classified into External Auditor, Tax Accountant, Consultant and Internal Auditor, Business Analyst, Budget analysts, Financial Analyst, controller and Accounting Clerk. It is discussing the future, and current role of Accounting Information system is analyzing by accountant responsibility and financial…show more content…
Daw Hla and Susan, Peter Teru Says that Accounting Information System is computer-based application system, and its control and enhance the corporation of an organization. It is Managing an organization and implements the internal control system. The role of accounting information system is a crucial process. The qualitative Characteristic of any accounting information system is maintained by the sound internal control system. The primary function of AIS is assigned the qualitative value of economic events. It is a computerized accounting of produce the financial statement named as Income Statement. Cash Flow Statement and Balance sheet. Accounting Information System can ensure the reliability of financial information processing and control and measures the economic information reliability. Managers Need AIS means to decide internal controls. (Teru, 20 Sept
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