Achievement Of Desire Analysis

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Students are Intellectually Affected by Grading Assessments and Standardized Testing Educators utilize rubrics and grading criteria for assignments so that students educational growth can be taken into consideration for the future curriculums and requirements. There are times, though, when these methods of determining grades can actually cause students to exceed, remain constant, or regress in their educational growth. Mike Rose’s idea in “Achievement of Desire” that highlighted the impact grading assessments and standardized testing have on a student’s capability to learn will be extended to also explore the benefits and drawbacks on a student’s educational growth and development. Students have frequently been misplaced in classes due to …show more content…

Overall, the content and effort of a student’s work, usually allows the teacher to determine the grade the student should receive However, there are some cases, like Cecilia Dell’s for example, extra points can be awarded based on the teacher's opinion of the student . For instance, some teachers bump up grades if they are one or two points away from being another grade level. In a mini assignment written by Cecilia Dell she reported that she experienced a teacher giving out inflated grades to students, based on the student's previous grades. Dell wrote that when staying after school one day she heard a teacher explain a grading rubric to another co-worker, “If you think a student deserves a few more points then just tack them onto their grade”. This is a perfect example of how grades can be inflated by teachers so that students have a higher grade when they deem appropriate. Most grading assessments that teachers use in the education system affect children throughout their development because it can make them feel unimportant to the teacher, especially if bad grades are a constant issue. To continue, growth is affected because when students , especially children, get the idea that someone doesn’t care for them, the environment of the classroom can become negative. This usually impacts a student’s ability to learn or want to learn,because students often stop trying to learn due bad grades from not understanding previous content or because lessons often build of previously discussed topics. To conclude, when students feel behind or unimportant in a class due to standardized test scores and grading assessments not being what the student expected, the students development is directly and negatively

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