Grades In High School Essay

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Recent studies and statistics have shown that students in middle schools and high schools have gradually gotten more A’s over the past 20 years (Schulten 1). With this number increasing gradually each year, some people worry this can have a negative effect on the students and society. These people do not know though, that an increase in A grades can be a positive sign showing improvement. Rather than thinking of it negatively people should focus on the good reasons and not the bad. Schools are not handing out too many A grades in middle school and high school because it means the students are working hard, the schools are teaching better, and it shows students understand the curriculum.

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Because of the improvement in teaching along with many different classes that are made to help kids with their specific problems, students now understand concepts better. Not too many years ago kids with special needs and difficulty understanding what they were taught had to struggle with learning by themselves. Now with more classes and teachers to help the kids personally, the grades have gone up. Along with the classes, an improvement and a more frequent use of technology has given students even more ways of learning and understanding the curriculum. This is because “Many digital materials include features like adaptive quizzes, practice activities, animations and simulations, calendar functions and gradebooks.” (Bluestone 1). Students are also seeing how many more kids have A grades and with that notice that they need to do better as well. When the bar is risen and kids notice that a C grade is no longer good they will try to raise their performance as well. Grades are a way of reflecting the understanding a student has of a subject so when the grades are high it is a good sign because it indicates that students have a better knowledge of the

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