Non Traditional Grading System

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What does a new grading system mean for students? Great success or prominent failure? Most teachers have strayed away from the typical grading system which focused on homework, quizzes, and tests. Instead, students are given a long term assignment and must produce an oral presentation. I believe that these new requirements of students are setting the students up for failure in the long run. The typical grading system allows teachers to see what specific lessons students are struggling with. Also, the typical grading system allows room for the students to improve. Furthermore, these new requirements are setting the students up for failure. Reasons being, that students cannot be expected to excel in a class if the teacher only assigns …show more content…

Students will never succeed if they never receive help on the lesson that they have problems with; however, students will never receive the help they need if the teacher never notices, which is possible due to the non-traditional grading system. Although teachers try their best to help, the lack of homework assignments, tests, and quizzes causes some students’ problems to slip under the radar, like illegal immigrants.
Moreover, the typical grading system gives the student room to improve. If a student is struggling on an overnight assignment of a specific lesson, when the teacher notices the student’s problematic situation, they can provide additional help to the individuals that need it. The more times that a teacher can help a student one-on-one is more times that a student can pass a test or improve their grades on their homework and tests. Not only does this give room for improvement, but it also limits room for error.
In conclusion, I believe that the typical grading system is more effective than the non-typical grading system. The new grading system sets students up for failure by forcing them to focus on only one end of semester assignment which is only showing what they know at that time. But how are they expected to excel even on that assignment, if they do not receive the attention and help necessary from their teachers. The typical grading system is the best way for teachers to

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