SAT Vs ACT Test Scores Essay

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1460. 1780. 2200. These numbers have more significance than an ordinary number. These numbers are what separate high school students by their knowledge and determine their future. They are the deciding factor on which students should receive acceptance into a particular school. Universities and colleges today analyze three things to determine whether or not a student should receive acceptance: their high school grade point average, SAT and/or ACT scores, and in most cases an essay. All three items are evaluated and then an admission decision is made. Two of the three topics discussed above truly shows an individual’s work ethic, but one shows nothing about a student’s ability to succeed in college, and that is the SAT and ACT test scores. These scores show nothing more than a student’s ability to sit in …show more content…

A recent study led by William Hiss, the former Dean of Admissions of Bates College, wanted to see the difference in academic performance during and after college with students that submitted their SAT and ACT scores versus students that did not. His study showed that there was not much difference between the two different types of students with data of “only .05 percent of a GPA point set “submitters” and “non-submitters” apart, and the difference in their graduation rates was just .6 percent” (Sheffer). This clearly shows that student’s grade point averages are the best way to determine that type of student. Also with this study, it concluded that, “If high school grades are not high, good testing does not promise college success. Students with good grades and modest testing did better in college than students with higher testing and lower high school grades” (Sheffer). Therefore, proving the SAT and ACT tests are useless. Hopefully these studies will become more prevalent in society and end these irrational SAT and ACT tests for

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