Common Core State Standards Research Paper

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The challenge for schools across the state and nation is how to instruct students to reach the skill levels demanded in the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core is a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy (CCSI). The design of the standards is to emphasize the rigorous content and practices required for in-depth of knowledge, higher order thinking, and application at each grade level. Even with the existing controversy, the standards in Common Core include what students should know in English and math for success in college and career. The Common Core State Standards address the achievement gap by ensuring students leave school with the ability to apply and articulate conceptual understanding that reinforces content skills. The new standards allow the states to address the issue of what students should know and learn to achieve adequate preparedness for college and the workforce (Rotman 10). Schmidt and Houang considered the …show more content…

Additionally, he emphatically states, “Common Core standards both for mathematics and English language arts and literacy are clear in their focus on what students are to learn” (103). Newman and Roskos argue, “A common set of standards ensures that all students are able to have the skills and prepare them for a career or post-secondary education” (10). In general, the research on the Common Core methods, standards, assessments, and achievement are being met in a positive manner by educators. In Georgia, it is hoped the new Milestones Assessment System will move the focus away from test scores alone, and instead capture the progress of student learning (Hall 1). A significant shift in the new Common Core versus the former Georgia Performance Standards is the expectation for all students being college and career ready as they

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