Acute Psychosis Case Study

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The patient is a 64 year old female who presented to the ED with acute psychosis. The patient denies suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation. Patient endorses seeing others in her hospital room and speaking with them. Patient does not appear to be exhibiting signs of agitation, aggression, or responding to internal stimuli.

At the time of the assessment the patient appears not to be oriented with time, place, and situation. The patient denies feeling depressed. Patient states, " you see my daughter over there in the purple and all the children her ( referring to the white spot of her yellow socks)?" The patient appears to have poor concentration. Patient states, " I trust God will come and find me." The patient expresses that the nursing staff are people who she knows from her past. She presents with tangential speech and does not answer questions full without getting off subject and not returning …show more content…

She reports last night her mother thought her children were trying to break into her home and take items out the home. The daughter reports she received many strange text messages last night from her mother. One text message states," That women don 't go out she just don 't caotcrsorch on the couch and sleep all day and eat all he is trying to do is get us one at a time you will see you encourage him, NJ said he would beat them if they said anything." The daughter did report her mother having a history of trauma. She reports physical abuse, sexual abuse by multiple member of the family, and substance abuse. The daughter reports her mother does have any prior mental health history.

Due to acute psychosis, poor insight, poor judgement, and poor impulse, patient does meet criteria for IVC and inpatient hospitalization. TACT consulted with Dr. Keith and it was recommended to refer for inpatient hospitalization for safety and stabilization. TACT assisted the ED doctor in completing IVC paperwork. TACT will search for appropriate

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