Addiction To Smartphone Addiction

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The development of smartphones has been benefiting human’s lives in so many ways. For instances, smartphones enable everyone to make a call to friends and families while being able to see each other on the screen. The smartphones has help in allowing people to access the Internet through smartphones, in order to check emails, read on the latest news and also play games during their free time. However, society has relied so much on smartphones that they start to develop behaviors of addiction towards smartphones. (Kwon, et al., 2013) Smartphone addiction can be defined as being enslaved by the smartphones or an uncontrollable and damaging use of smartphones. (Lee, 2013) For example, replying phone messages while driving or watching videos while crossing the roads.
The purpose of this paper is to find out the effects of smartphone addiction. The effects will be narrowed down into three aspects. The first aspects will be to determine the ways in which addiction to smartphones affects the young adult’s lifestyle. According to surveys, younger age groups (18-24) are more likely to develop the fear of not being able to live without smartphones (nomophobia). (Kung, 2012) This is because smartphones have become a crucial part of everyday lives. The young adults using smartphones in such a manner is the main reason why people are becoming addicted to it. (Priddy, 2015) This paper will help us to find out whether smartphone addiction will influence the relationship between the young
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