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Addiction treatment can be handled through many methodologies. The important thing is getting patients into treatment before an addiction has the ability to destroy their lives. One reason why people avoid treatment is because of the presumed restrictive nature of residential treatment. In fact, many top drug and alcohol treatment centers, Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida included, will offer a larger range of treatment options. Outpatient care could certainly be a viable option.

What is Outpatient Care?
Depending on the depth of one's addiction and the circumstances in their life, a patient might be eligible for outpatient care. Outpatient treatment or care is administered at a treatment facility without the patient having to submit …show more content…

The option is usually reserved for patients who seem capable of still managing their own lives without being a danger to themselves. The primary advantage of outpatient care is it allows the patient to stay active with work, school and family while undergoing …show more content…

This type of a program requires a much larger commitment from the patient. It could include a schedule of up to 7 days a week and 12 hours a day until treatment is reduced or completed.

More About the Advantages of Outpatient Care
Receiving outpatient treatment should be considered a privilege. Addiction treatment counselors and clinicians are always aware of the need to strike a balance between administering treatment without interrupting the patient's life anymore than necessary. When an addiction is severe and the patient's general welfare is at risk, residential treatment is always the best option.

With that said, some patients need continuing access to their lives for a variety of reasons. If ongoing employment is at risk, an outpatient treatment program could be used to allow the patient to handle work matters. If the patient lacks the resources for childcare, it could be necessary to allow for outpatient care for the sake of the family unit.

At all times, the decision-making process related to which type of treatment methodology will be best should rest with professional counselors and clinicians. They are better prepared to assess the situation and determine whether a patient can handle the responsibility of committing to an outpatient treatment

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