Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aid

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But there are still some advantages and disadvantages or aid and trade as well.

Advantage of aid: • After a natural disaster, food and medical aid can be vital in saving lives and can not always be provided by the affected government. • Aid can help build expensive infrastructure products that wouldn 't normally be built e.g. new roads, ports, irrigation projects or HEP stations. • Can help build schools and hospitals that improve the health and education of local populations. • Many aid agencies employ local workers to carry out projects. This not only creates employment but teaches local new skills. This is especially true of bottom-up aid where locals are fully involved and make all key decisions. • Many charities provide education about hygiene, diet and health. These schemes are not creating dependency, because they are not necessarily giving money, but do improve the well-being of societies.
Disadvantages of aid: • Countries can become dependent on money given by foreign donors instead of developing their own economy to become independent. • Aid money does not always reach the most needy and instead is taken by corrupt officials. Some aid like medicine can also get help up by bureaucracy and actually be out of date by the time it reaches the intended recipients. Kleptocratic (corrupt) governments may also take money for themselves and not give it to the people that need it. • Tied aid can force country 's to carry out policies that are not necessarily

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