Advantages And Disadvantages Of Learning English Language

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Since the evolution of mankind, some kind of tools have been applied to communicate the information one has to others such as from sign languages to modern written languages. Due to scientific advancement day by day from uncivilized society to today’s modern society learning of others’ languages apart from learning one’s own language gained attention, as people moved from different places to other countries. As people moved from one part of the world to the other parts of the world for political, economical, scientific reasons, they needed one common language. English became international language of communication, as British ruled most parts of the world and today English has become indispensable with one’s life. To be active in the scientific…show more content…
So for these people exposure to English is not abundant, hence they put fewer efforts to learn English. They generally seek employment inside and outside their countries. People from different countries go to Middle East countries for employment. But they don’t speak their language, instead they speak English. So in order to have better communication between the native people and migrated people one common language is essential. That language is English, as it is considered to be international connecting language. Learning of second language will be easy when people understand the nuances in the language. Many studies have focussed on various aspects of English language learning. This study is focussed on what difficulties exist and how these difficulties can be overcome in the context of Middle East countries. Hence, the objectives of the study are a) To identify difficulties during second language acquisition and b) To provide suggestions for overcoming difficulties during language acquisition.
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Discussion and conclusion The following coping strategies to overcome problems inherited in second language acquisition can be applied in learning English as second language. This paper tried to unearth the common factors that are considered to have negative influence over English language acquisition. The factors are age, gender, cultural background, religion and language of the region or country. These common factors should be understood before embarking on to teaching the language to the students. The application of technology in language classrooms including the use of film, radio, television, language labs with audio/video tapes, computers, and interactive video will motivate the students and will help remove the fear found in students with respect to English language (Cunningham, 1998). The use of multimedia, the Internet and various forms of distance learning are wide spread. Interest in using these tools to support language learning is on the rise, both from the perspective of a language educator and that of a language learner (Liu, Moore, Graham, and Lee, 2002). The start of the course for second language acquisition should begin at a very young age of the students, as students at young age are very receptive. The strategy with respect to imparting

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