Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Disadvantages

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Sugar-sweetened drinks that is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic that refers to an excess amount of body fat. Also, the drink with sugar will lead many effects for our health, including tooth decay and hyperlipidemia etc. The people don’t want to stop drink sugar-sweetened drinks even if it has lots of disadvantages. Externalities are used to justify the government’s ownership of industries with positive externalities and inhibition of products with negative externalities. Other common candidates include health care, education, and the environment, but claims that these are externalities are much less tenable. Externalities are often blamed for “market failure,” but they are also a source of government failure. So the government…show more content…
Externalities destroy the social benefits of individual profits, but we should think about the problem about externalities in two side, such as the air pollution. It is clean air has positive externalities and so clean air is under produced or dirty air has negative externalities and so dirty air is overproduced. Economists measure externalities the same way they measure everything else that according to human beings’ willingness to pay. If the factory is burning fossil fuels that causes damages to crops, buildings and public health, and it is an example about negative externalities, there have lots of bad effect for society, the air pollution is harmful for human and animals because of the manufacture. Not only the air pollution, water pollution by industries that adds effluent, which harms plants, animals and humans. Examples of positive externalities, the production of Cinnamons emits is a pleasant cinnamon aroma that people can enjoy even if they are not themselves consumers of the cinnamon rolls being…show more content…
This is not only control the marketing for producer on sugar-sweetened drinks, but also decrease the consumption by fat tax. According to the research on internet about tax and negative externalities, this is a best way to solve the public health challenge associated with the deterioration of the population’s dietary habits. Maybe it is difficult for government to change the daily habits, but the way to added fat tax is a kind of solution to maintain the condition of marketing. Because we can’t disregard that sugar-sweetened is detrimental to health. At the same time, it will bring a lot of negative affect for the marketing of sugar-sweetened drinks in a short term. Because of the change, it need lots of time for people to adapt the local conditions. Some food industry groups say higher taxes could damage the industry and lead to job losses. But some experts say that cost to jobs is not as risky as the economic cost. The government connect with consumers and producers will bring a new view in sales and purchase or other point of view in the marketing of sugar-sweetened
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