Advantages Of National Security

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Helen Arielle B. Sanchez September 22, 2014 Communication Skills 1 DLSL-FGMR Topic: What is more important National Security or Our Privacy? Thesis Statement: “Citizens of this country should value the national security more than their privacy since it is concerned with a much larger group of people in order to protect our country from invaders, to maintain the survival of our country and to prevent airing of criticism of government.” Explore the National Security National security is more important than personal privacy because it concerns a much larger group of people. If someone is innocent, they should have nothing to hide. In a world where terrorism is a reality, it is more important to protect the safety of a country than for a few people avoid being inconvenienced.. What do you have to hide? It is always better to be safe rather than sorry, because this could really help limit the number of terrorist attacks that affect our country and take so many precious lives so really what are you doing that you don 't want the government to know about? It protects us by maintaining effective arm forces, using counterintelligence service or secret police to protect the nation from internal threat, implementing civil defense and emergency preparedness measures. It is really effective because as we are experiencing I can say that it helps our country’s safety. Also because it lessens counterterrorism. Some advantages of national security are, it can protect us from

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