Should African Americans Be Allowed To Vote Essay

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They say that they’ve given them rights, but in truth they deny them their basic citizen rights(2). I will not all our American government to deny the African Americans’ right to vote. Our voting officials obstructed their right to vote because of their hate. Until we joined together, we were alone from part of society in our thinking (6). Believing that everyone should be treated equally until there is some reason to act otherwise. They say that the African Americans should be happy that they got the right to vote but they don’t realize we are all the same, we just look different. Some of my friends tried to vote, when they were denied, they tried again and were soon jailed. Arrested (14). I joined in the protests; no one dared to hurt me, a white women, out right (1). Even though many wanted to harm me for standing with my friends and beliefs, …show more content…

With all the violence and injuries, I was elated to find out that no one had died but some seemed close (5). I went to a hospital for my injuries were I was told that I was lucky to not have more inflamed eyes or broken bones or deeper cuts (12). When they finished cleaning, stitching the wounds and setting fractures (8). I went to see how others were doing but I was denied access to them. There was only one thing left to do, return home in Selma and heal up to stand against them another day. Upon my return, I found out that they were planning a second march in two days. I wasn’t going to sit down, as long as I could walk, I would march. In the following days, several newspapers called that day “Bloody Sunday” but some were severely biased against us and called some of the protesters stupid or that were should’ve armed ourselves. Everyone that was at that march was intrepid, not stupid; courageous, not cautious (15). We had to meet their violence with peace. No matter what happens we mustn't sink to the opposition’s level or we would prove them

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