What Is Albert Einstein's Theory Of Relativity?

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The Theory of Relativity is one of the most powerful and important theories in history. Albert Einstein is known for being the world 's most intelligent human that ever existed. But, ever wondered why was he considered intelligent? Well, that question can have a huge variety of answers, however his theories make up part of the answer. Albert Einstein invented The Theory of Relativity in 1905, which changed our whole idea about how gravity works. But, why is it so important anyway? Simply because it discarded the possibilities of other theories of great scientists such as Isaac Newton behind.

The Theory of relativity helped us understand how space and time work together. Long ago, space was a variable yet to be solved. However, Albert Einstein …show more content…

Einstein contradicted specially on of the greatest scientists of the history, Isaac Newton. He corrected all the mistakes that included in Newton 's theory, which is why his theory is so important, since humans believed on Newton 's for a very long time. While Newton thought that the Sun affected the orbit of Earth because of its larger mass, suggesting the Earth is not moving freely. On the other hand, Einstein proved him wrong changing once again the way people though with his theory. Instead, Einstein proved that the Earth was rotating around the Sun in a straight line, but that the curve had been distorsioned because of the mass of the Sun, but in this case, the Earth moved freely. Black wholes used to be a mystery to the human, since they did not know at all what were they or what happened until Albert Einstein came into play. Humans thought than in black holes, nothing escaped, not even light which is true. Einstein 's theory said that the closer you are to the mass of gravity, the slower time passes, which explains once again another part of his theory that is: gravity can cause time to dilatate. Thanks to this, we know now why people do not age in black holes and how they work. The equation that Einstein gave us shows us a lot of things, and is a proof the equation that Einstein gave us, it shows you can bend and warp space so you

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