Albert Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

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The Theory of Relativity is one of the most powerful and important theories in history. Albert Einstein is known for being the world 's most intelligent human that ever existed. But, ever wondered why was he considered intelligent? Well, that question can have a huge variety of answers, however his theories make up part of the answer. Albert Einstein invented The Theory of Relativity in 1905, which changed our whole idea about how gravity works. But, why is it so important anyway? Simply because it discarded the possibilities of other theories of great scientists such as Isaac Newton behind. The Theory of relativity helped us understand how space and time work together. Long ago, space was a variable yet to be solved. However, Albert Einstein presented that time was also a variable, and they both depended from speed. This helped us understand how space and the universe worked. Take from instance, you see a train with a person inside it, on the other hand, there is a person staring from the outside of the train. The train is traveling 300km per hour. However, for the person sitting in the train, the train is not moving at all. Nevertheless, the person staring sees the train moving 300km per hour. Now, if the person inside the train throws a ball 20km. The person in the train watch the ball at the velocity it is thrown. But, the person from outside sees the ball traveling as well 320km per hour, since 300 plus 20 is 320km. Ever wondered how GPS worked? Well, without Einstein
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